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The Agave Plant: Process to Follow for an Excellent Crop (Part 2)

In my previous blog, I wrote about some of the agave production processes that we carry out in order to grow and harvest the best agave possible. These processes helped us get the international quality certification known as ISO 9001 and are the following: Land Selection Preparation of the land Planting of the agave In this blog post, I will summarize the processes that follow these first three, so that we can better understand them and acknowledge thus, the importance that it has to do it all right, from the very beginning. This is what helps us have excellent crops.

The Agave Plant: Process to Follow for an Excellent Crop

At Casa Sauza, we care about producing the best quality agave, so we took the challenge of getting...

Agave: Producing an Excellent Crop (Part 2)

As a comment to a previous blog, one of our readers asked questions about crop management. Sauza...

Automation of the Agave Plantation

The plantation of the agave is the activity that gives a start to the different cycles of...