Automation of the Agave Plantation

por Ramón Rubio Cortés | Dec 21, 2021 6:37:38 PM

manual plantation of agave

The plantation of the agave is the activity that gives a start to the different cycles of challenges and satisfactions of the production of tequila.

Traditionally, the agave is planted manually, wether it's conventional or micropropagated agave. Yet, although it is a noble labor, it is truly draining to do it this way, since the worker has to bend over the field during the whole day in order to work on it for the plantation of the agave. This position is clearly not so ergonomic and it is definitely very exhausting.

field workers planting agave

We have worked along with our field workers in order to make this activity lighter so that they:

  • Don't get as exhausted
  • Have more free time to better prepare themselves for other activities.

In this search of making this job easier, we found machines that had traditionally been used for the planting of vegetables but that could get adapted for planting agave. Many tests were run and we finally managed to produce an equipment that actually helped in the plantation of the agave and thus, reduced the man-hours that were spent in this hard labor.


machinery to plant agave casa sauza
machinery to plant agave tequila industry

With this equipment we reduce:

  • Damage done to the plant while planting it
  • The time a field worker has to spend working in a bending-over position

In addition, this also meant an opportunity for day laborers and tractor drivers who did not know anything about this kind of equipment, to learn about it and receive proper training.

It also allowed them to suggest improvements for the equipment, such as adjusting their parts according to different distances or placing a safety belt and an emergency stop.

tractor to work the agave fields casa sauza

(Belt)                                                          (Emergency stop)


With the involvement and participation of our people, we continue to evolve in order to make of the tasks that require a greater physical strength, a better and easier job to do.

We must keep in mind that using this kind of machinery isn't always a feasible task to do, since it depends on the particular characteristics of the field as well. Which means that manual planting will never stop just as, in Sauza, we will never stop looking for activities to mechanize and automate so that we make of them, a better and easier job to do.

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