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Learn about the tequila production process and become an expert!

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Planned Maintenance Boost Productivity & Reduce Admin Costs

Because of the implementation of the TPM methodology within the operations department at Casa Sauza, we have managed to increase our productivity at a lower cost. Our employees better utilize the equipment and have improved their skills to such a degree that they are now “Technical Operators.” Find out how we have achieved this at Casa Sauza.

Automation of Agriculture in the Tequila Industry

As the new technologies that focus on automation are incorporated into our daily lives, it is only...

Innovation in the Tequila Industry: the Agave Fields

Innovation has always been an important keystone of Casa Sauza and the agricultural area is no...

Making Progress in Industrial Automation

As Casa Sauza's director, I can see the imminent trend of the automation of processes in order to...