In life, there are moments to be remembered forever––your wedding at Quinta Sauza should be one of those.

The space

Constructed in 1836, Quinta Sauza has conserved the remarkable architecture from that era. Its majestic gardens full of quarry fountains transform the antique mansion into the perfect setting for your wedding.

The space includes:

  • Open and semi-open spaces
  • Decorations including quarry fountains and chapels
  • Indoor saloons
  • Catering services
  • Additional services as needed

Maridaje-2-copas.jpgServices we provide

We want you to experience the best and highest quality service at Casa Sauza. You will be attended to by the most highly trained staff who are committed to providing everything you need to create your dream wedding.

Enjoy your big day by leaving everything in our hands.

 Nuestros principales servicios son:

  • Catering
  • Tequila bars
  • Photography venue rentals
  • Civil marriage venue
  • Additional services: decoration, music, mariachi, transportation services, wedding planner assistance,            hostess / master of ceremonies throughout the celebration
  • Ice breaker events and/or reception party
  • Lodging in Guadalajara and Tequila (special rates apply)



Tequila, Jalisco is an excellent place for those who want to offer their guests an original, unforgettable experience.


The simple act of breaking routine and performing your ceremony in one of the most magical cities in Mexico makes it more than an event––it is an adventure. Charming cobblestone streets, traditional colonial architecture, and the smell of roasted agave are just a few of the things that  make this place so special.


Quinta Sauza can be found in the middle of Tequila, three blocks away from Santiago Ápostle Church. Some of the best hotels are located just as close––for those lucky guests who decide to spend the night in Tequila.


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  • Outdoor wedding table settings
  • Wedding set up at Casa Sauza
  • Magical lighting set up at Casa Sauza for a wedding
  • Private are for wedding ceremony Casa Sauza
  • Outdoor wedding setup at Casa Sauza
  • Wedding couple table and decorations at Casa Sauza
  • Table decorations and flowers wedding Casa Sauza
  • Dance floor and table set up for an outdoor wedding at Casa Sauza