The Need for Change Management in the Tequila Production

por Servando Calderon Servando Calderon | Dec 25, 2021 12:26:34 AM

change management in the tequila industry

We live in a passionate era for human development, today more than ever we have easy and quick access to new knowledge in different areas such as science and technology. If we want to learn how is tequila produced, for example, we can actually read about it from the comfort of our home, school, work and even while we are transporting from one place to another.

Without going too far, I'm sure that my grandparents would have really enjoyed this communication and knowledge opportunity. I remember that when I was a child, I still lived in the era when telegrams used to be sent and received.

Sending postcards and letters from our trips to our beloved ones took from 3 days to 1 month for our friends and family to receive them. Telephone calls were extremely expensive and not the whole country was connected; actually, if you had enough money to install a telephonic line in your home, the paperwork could take months to get approved and years to get it installed. We can say that all of these issues have been solved in the modern times we live in.

Not to mention the education. I remember when we had to do a homework in primary school and we had to look for information in encyclopedias or in the stationery to buy bibliographic cards about historic characters, maps about the cycle of water, volcanos, etc..

And who doesn't remember the chemical elements table? It was so difficult to memorize and now there are all kinds of videos and/or apps to learn about it in more dynamic ways. For example, I recommend you to download the app MOLECULES to remember the chemical elements table.

What is Change?

According to the definition I found in Wikipedia, Change is the concept that denotes a transition from one state to another. This concept is intimately connected with the term Crisis, which means a process of far-reaching change in every aspect of an organized reality that is actually unstable, often needing an evolution; it is also related to the Revolution word, that comes from the Latin root revolutio, which meaning is "turn".

Why is it necessary to Manage Change in the Tequila Industry?

So then, why is it necessary to manage change in the tequila industry? Change starts with the individual concern. With all of these flexibility, accessibility, and didactic elements (videos and/or animations) everyone in the family and in the business must change and improve our knowledge about the things that surround us.

Promoting an interest in how can I perform my job better and if there are different methods of doing it is a good place to start, even beginning with something as simple as cleaning. Do this experiment:

In Google, search how to sweep better and you would find a series of recommendations and innovative ideas about it, I actually recommend you: How to sweep better using woman stockings.

How do we Begin to implement Change in the Industry?

Well, what does all of these have to do with the change management in the tequila industry? The answer is that each one of our collaborators can contribute to improving the tequila production, starting from the facilities cleaning, to the delivery of our final product. Not taking advantage of this big opportunity, would have been a total waste.

Change and innovation in teamwork

As leaders in the company, we want to inspire our team to search for change. Allowing them to see change not as something negative but as a positive aspect that would lead us to be the best version of ourselves in our job position. Investigating new procedures, methodologies, technologies, materials, etc.

Change is the only constant in life, as humans, we experiment it day by day as well in the organizations and the whole planet. It is the beginning of a process and it turns everything into an opportunity to develop skills and strength to improve our environment.

I am really thankful to all those who have shared their stories with me. I invite you to read more about it in the next articles:

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