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01 Purpose/objective

To establish the limits at which the Tequila Sauza Operating System requirements are documented, implemented and kept.

02 Reach

Tequila Sauza Operating System (SOTS for its acronym in Spanish: Sistema Operativo de Tequila Sauza) in the processes of:

  • Tequila production
  • Tequila bottling
  • Costumer service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Acquisitions/procurement
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Operating System administration
  • Human Resources
  • Safety, hygiene and ecology
  • Projects and services
  • Agave production
  • Supply of agave/tequila policy

03 Definitions

(EMA-00003: Definitions)

Tequila- Term which in the SOTS includes the following products:

  • (a) Tequila,
  • (b) Tequila 100% agave, and
  • (c) Alcoholic drinks that have tequila

The NOM-006-SCFI (R00001) in its current version uses the word tequila to make reference to both Tequila and 100% Tequila interchangeably and defines tequila in "4. Definitions and Abbreviations".

04 Activities

iso standards casa sauza

The applicable norms or standards to the SOTS, Tequila Sauza Operating System, are: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, 45001:2018, ISO 22000:2018, the way of their fulfillment is described in the M-00001 Sistema de Administración Integral at where NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2017, applies to the analysis laboratories, and has a M-00003: Requisitos para la Competencia de los Laboratorios document, which describes the specific fulfillment of that norm.

The legal requirements are considered within the SOTS whenever they are identified as pertinent to the issues of Quality and Safety of the Products Elaborated by Tequila Sauza, or in relation to the Environment, Work Safety & Health related to our activities, and as described in the EMA-00033 Identificación y evaluación del cumplimiento de requisitos legales.

Limits and applicability of the scope of the Sauza Tequila Operating System

Tequila Sauza Operating System considers the activities developed within its processes and keeps them documented in its respective activity maps:

casa sauza operatin system reach


Note: The process of Production of Agave centralizes its main management in the factory La Perseverancia and the operative management is carried out in different zones/warehouses for the delivery of the agave in the factory La Perseverancia. These activities are held in different properties are hired when needed, the detail of these contracts in force are held in the offices of La Perseverancia.

Each process starts from the Activities Map to carry out its FODA Analysis and Action Plan F-AC-00216 in which it considers:

  • the context of the organization,
  • parties involved including clients, management, corporation, legal authorities, suppliers, society, among others,
  • the legal requirements as well as those of the clients, the organization and the parties involved
  • the activities related to work, both planned or carried out and products, according to their involvement on the activity maps
  • the products of the organization (shown below is a list of Tequila Sauza's products)
  • the units, functions and physical limits of the organization according to the locations and addresses shown in the table above
  • the authority and ability to exercise control and influence as described in the activity maps and documents that make reference to it
  • the potential events of emergency response as defined in the EMA-00040 Preparación y Respuesta a Emergencias for the Sauza Tequila Operating System.

Derived from the results of the evaluation of the performance of its processes, the administration of the organization integrates into the system those activities derived from the evaluation of the context, including its legal requirements and the needs and expectations of the interested parties.

Tequila Sauza Operating System delivers the product to the first contact customer, free on board at the Perseverancia facilities or the external finished product warehouse.

Casa Sauza tequilas by kind and category

*Hornitos Honey- Discontinued, but still open to the bottling of products that contain tequila

Exclusions- The following requirements of ISO 9001 do not apply to tequila Sauza:

8.5.1. Control of service production and provision, f). Validation and revalidation of the ability to achieve the planned results of the service production and provision processes, when the resulting outputs can not be verified by means of subsequent monitoring or measurement activities.

* Tequila Sauza produces tequila and is verified by the monitoring and measurement activities held, such as quality inspections carried out before the delivery of the product to the client.

8.5.3. Property belonging to external customers or suppliers.

* There are no elements owned by the client or the supplier for the production of tequila.

8.5.5. Post-delivery activities.

* The nature of the product is not appropriate for maintenance or guarantees except those implied by legal requirements with impact to the consumer. However, Tequila Sauza responds to any complaint of damage to the product's packaging, deviation detected by the distributor (customer), or consumer complaints.

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