Development of a New Product in the Tequila Industry

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Product Design Casa Sauza

Do you want to know which factors you have to consider to develop a new product? In this blog post, we will give you some tips to do so. As products are diversifying more and more and shortening their life cycles, the importance of releasing new products increases, as well as the efficiency improvement and team investments.

The goal is to drastically reduce the time starting from the initial development in the big scale production and achieve an upright start (fast, without difficulties and correctly since the beginning of the process).


  Product Development Management

As the market imposes the diversification of the offer and demand, the competence increases in terms of quality, price, and delivery, it is essential to plan, program, develop, project and create products prototypes to be able to meet the quality requirements consumers want, so the plant may produce quickly what is needed and with a low cost.


Losses and Costs of a Poor Design Product

It is estimated that the 80% of a product's cost is determined in the design phase, as well, the 80% of the losses it's caused by production problems that happened due to a bad design.

poor design reduces the organization profits, damaging the production efficiency and reducing the global team performance. In process industries, the product development management is very connected to the product properties.


How is Product Design Efficiently Managed?

To efficiently manage the initial production of new products is necessary to first study the possible equipment failures and quality defects, generated before in similar products.

The life cycle cost of a product can be very influenced by the early application of production technology, especially in the mechanic, packaging and distribution stages.

These factors are a key point to accelerate the pilot production and achieve an effective start during the quality incorporation of the product, the fabrication facility, quality assurance and management of previous stages as conceptual and detailed design. Of course, it is still necessary to keep investigating the market and the intern technical capacities of the product, as well, to program and plan every task with the final goal of developing competitive and marketable products.


The Need of Development Management

It is vital to develop high-quality products, making sure that they anticipate customers demands and needs. We have to always create products that are competitive, easy to sell and produce, and achieve all of this efficiently.

At the same time, the transition going from the design to the big scale production must be fast and without difficulties. To meet this goal, the production inputs must be identified (equipment, materials, workforce, and methods), all of them are required to position the product in the market.

To eliminate losses is also important because that increases profit and creates more inversions from actionists. In other words, we have to assure that the production equipment is easy to use and maintain, highly secure, and reliable. With such equipment is easier to assure the products quality, particularly in process industries.

The principal pieces of equipment are designed based on individual specifications. Very often they are enabled and installed in a hurry, without an strict development management, and such equipment goes over the test phase full of hidden defects.

These affirmations verify the frequency in which the production workforce and maintenance employees find out defects generated in the design, production, and installment phases.

The development management is particularly important in process industries, because they invest considerable amounts of funds in process unities connected, and the management direction is expecting them to last for many years. To achieve this, all the company departments must work together and help each other. Not just Development and Investigation, Design, Engineering, Production, and Maintenance, but also Planification, Marketing, Finances and Quality Assurance.

Keep reading to know more about the Tequila Making Process, New Products, and our Quality Standards. 

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