The Challenge of Technological Development in the Tequila Industry

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technological development in casa sauza

Every industry is facing the accelerated technological changes that are revolutionizing the whole world. These changes represent a possible crisis, but they also create new opportunities to improve.

Karl Schwab, the Executive Director of the World Economic Forum, says that we are facing the 4th industrial revolution which started at the beginning of this century and its based on the digital evolution. This new era is characterized by a mobile and easy-to-access internet network, which uses smaller, more powerful, and cheaper sensors. This was generated by the new artificial intelligence and the newest machine learning process.

Industry 4.0 / Internet of things

This is about the Industry 4.0. In the United States, its well known as the (Internet of Things; IoT). These technological advances are creating a disruptive impact on our consumption habits and lifestyle.

Actual Crisis, Potential and Opportunities.

Usually, we refer to a crisis as the changes that are threatening our future or our actual state. One of the dictionary definitions says that crisis is a profound change with important consequences in a process or a situation or in the ways they are appreciated.

Adopting the digital technology has significantly changed our consumption habits and our lifestyle in such a way that even our needs are changing. The invention and adoption of the smartphones connected to a wireless network are changing our habits and needs. This simple, but powerful device not only allows us to communicate in one direction (one to one), but also in multiple directions (many to many) and in multiple ways: through voice and data, videos and text, all of these connections happen in real time and in a deferred way.

You can attend a phone call while you check and send other text messages through different platforms and to multiple people, or while you are listening to music or watching a video. You can redact a document while you are having a video conference with many participants, do bank transfers, buy a flight ticket, order your groceries online, learn a new language, etc... The combinations are multiple.

Impact of technological development in the industry

And now, what do we do with all of these?

One one side, there is no doubt that technology has made our lives easier by simplifying the offer and demand transactions for almost every products and services needs. But on the other hand, it has increased its complexity by having to perform multiple tasks at the same time and increase our ambitions of covering all the customer's demands in the minimum possible time. All these new technologies and apps are more personalized day by day, increasing the customer's expectations in the search for newer and better experiences when they try a new product.

Having our clients at the center of our attention, it is worth it to ask ourselves: how can the tequila industry be impacted by them? and what changes are necessary to be implemented in order to evolve and progress in this new technological revolution?


Keep reading our next articles if you are interested in learning more about these technological advances and the programs we have implemented in Casa Sauza, to continue improving day by day.

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