What Certifications are Needed to Become a Sauza Supplier?

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What do I need to become a Sauza supplier

It is very important for us, at tequila Sauza, that all of our suppliers comply with the ethical rules that this company has. For this reason, we always look for suppliers that follow a similar direction to ours, which allows us to do business in a correct and ethical way.

More than certifications and extraordinary accreditations we, at Casa Sauza, take good care in finding companies that show that the processes they carry out can be aligned with the ethics and quality regulations that our tequila company requires -and always values most among its suppliers.

Visiting Our Suppliers

On our first approach with the suppliers that we are interested in, or with those that offer a service that Casa Sauza might require, we do not rely on their accreditations only, rather we do an on-site inspection of their facilities in order to better know how do they carry out their production processes and who are the people in charge of them. Knowing their human resources is a key element for us to evaluate the companies that we want to work with. When choosing a supplier, we not only focus on the technical part but we also like to be introduced to the company's staff as well. It is one of the most important indicators that our organization takes into account, since people are the real face behind any brand and to us, it speaks well of a company when their people carry out an specific ethical culture inside their organization.

At Sauza, we recognize a job well done

Every two years, Casa Sauza holds an event for all of its suppliers. At this event, we acknowledge the best work done, the most efficient performances and the new opportunity areas developed by our allies during each period.

In addition, we carry out several other activities in order to recognize the extraordinary job that year after year, our suppliers achieve with their production, since it also shows in the quality of our products as well. Our suppliers do face great challenges, since they are required to always renew their processes in order to increase their quality margins without raising the final cost.

2 Things that the companies who want to work with Sauza must keep in mind:

  • Those who have certifications such as Socially Responsible Company (Mexican certification) have a plus in our company, since Tequila Sauza values this truly.
  • We also take into account all of those providers who have production practices that can relate to TPM (Total Productive Management) or Lean Manufacturing.
The implementation of these woking methods somehow guarantee that the company is indeed committed to a continuous improvement process in their production process as well as to team work. Plus, they can easily match the working methodology that Casa Sauza carries out in its own production plant.

What matter to us, is getting to know the different working methodologies that the companies who want to work with Sauza carry out. In this way, it is easier for us to identify which companies can match our own working methodology and which can't.

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