How is the Best Tequila Bottle Made?

por Erika Sánchez | Dec 28, 2021 1:42:20 PM

tequila sauza bottles and packaging

Aside from knowing about the tequila production process, a very frequently asked question I get as a tequila industry worker is: How is a tequila bottle made? In this blog post, I will try to give an answer to this question. I will talk about its components, characteristics and about the importance that must be taken into account in order to produce a good-quality bottle so you can, in the end, buy a properly bottled Casa Sauza tequila, either at the supermarket or at the different distribution or consumption centers there are.

Of which materials is a tequila bottle made of?

We have more than 182 different products at Casa Sauza, being the most important brands: Sauza, Hornitos, Tres Generaciones, Hacienda, 100 años and XA. Each of these products entails a series of specific requirements for their proper distribution to the national and international markets to which they are directed.

Package information

Black Barrel Tequila Sauza

We will take as an example a product of our brand, the Hornitos "Black Barrel". It is one of the best-selling tequilas of Casa Sauza because of its taste, since it goes through a double aging process in Scottish-style oak barrels. The packaging consists of:

  • Bottle: A crystalline bottle is used, it undergoes a special decoration process.
  • Top: Cork, raised.
  • Tags: Self-adhesive front, back and neck, ellaborated with metallic inks.
  • Marbete: fiscal tag for the Mexican market
  • Guarantee seal: Crystalline.
  • Box: Corrugated cardboard box with a capacity for 12 bottles, with separators.

Packaging characteristics of a tequila bottle

Before bottling the tequila, all of the required materials for each product must be available in a timely manner. So we first make sure that all of components are prepared according to the specific requirements of the packaging line, by means of monitoring systems and strategic planning

bottling of tequila at casa sauza

The materials go through a system of automated lines which follow a consecutive flow of tequila filling, then labeling, and then they finally arrive to a packaging process.

What is the importance of the materials used in a tequila bottle?

The materials must comply with the specifications indicated by each brand for Marketing purposes, such as design, size, color and graphics. In addition to the legal requirements, such as specific labeling rules for tequila, as in the Label at the Front and Back of the Product norm. They must also comply with other specifications, such as the placement of fiscal marbetes for the national Mexican market as well as for their export -to the countries that require it.

It is important to consider that depending on each product, on the destination country and on the means of transportation used, there will be final adaptation made to the packaging.

The specific requirements of the elaboration, packaging and commercialization processes of tequila are stated in the Official Mexican Standard of Tequila NOM-006-SCFI-2012, Alcoholic Beverages-Tequila-Specifications.

For all the above, it is important to consider and guarantee the compatibility among each of the individual materials for the final integration of all the parts. Which brings us to a perfect combination between each of the details to finally achieve a finished product with zero defects.

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