commercialization of tequila

tequila commercialization

Regulations, countries and logistics

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Tequila Sauza has always distinguished itself by its exporting spirit, since it was the first tequila company that marketed its products outside of the country. Sauza currently markets its products in more than 75 countries around the world, being the United States its main customer followed by Mexico and finally, the rest of the countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Sauza, as part of the corporate Beam Suntory, has a great team of people who are prepared to face the competition and the different challenges that the market presents. (For example, in International Trade Security  matters).
Likewise, it has a well-defined short-term and long-term strategy, aligned with the corporate vision and supported by our Tracc-TPM system and with the solid foundations of its pillars. This allows Sauza to position its brands well in each of its destinations achieving thus, a constant increase of its presence in domestic and foreign markets, as well as the consolidation of the preference of its customers for its products.
Finally, to ensure the achievement of commercial objectives, it is not enough to have a clear sales strategy, but also to have an excellent production and logistics team that can effectively respond to ever changing demand requirements by means of proper planning, organization and use of resources, always looking at the future, supported by new technologies.
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tequila commercialization



Tequila Sauza, as a part of Corporate Beam Suntory, currently handles the commercialization of its products in the national market by means of its Commercial Area that, along with the Supply Chain team, is supported at all times by the different parts that make up its logistics chain, which are: purchases, production, quality and warehouses.
All of them are responsible for ensuring that the agreed dates and delivery quantities are met, in order to provide total satisfaction to our customers.


United States

comercialización del tequila

Beam Suntory remains one of the main distributors of spirits worldwide, consolidating its participation in the US Market and in the distribution of Tequila. Consumers increasingly seek to associate a history with the brand and Tequila Sauza, with its product portfolio and its constant innovation, meets these requirements.
Thanks to the work of the Logistics and Planning area, Tequila Sauza sends its products to the USA and Canada through marketing and distribution channels in order to reach the retailers of the main cities, that is, those that have the highest growth and trends, so that our Tequila can finally reach the hands of the consumer.
We do this always seeking to guarantee the quality of our products and keeping as our main objective to exceed the expectations of our consumers. 

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Rest of the World

The exportation of tequila from Casa Sauza to the world, includes some countries of Latin America, Asia, the Pacific and Europe. In some cases, this exportation turns into a real challenge  due to the tariff requirements of each government. Such is the case of Japan, who asks us to meet specific quality requirements or some countries of Latin America, who require us to have human consumption certifications.

In the case of Europe, we export tequila both in boxes as well as in bulk, since we bottle our tequila (51%) in Spain and then we distribute it to the resto of the countries of this continent.