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Defining Quality in a Tequila

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Erika García


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As a Tequila city inhabitant, I everyday hear at the places where they sell tequila that they offer "Quality Tequilas". Some might even reassure you that they sell THE best quality tequila and, considering the amount of tequilas that can be found at these shops, I can't help but wonder, What do they mean by a quality tequila?

How is quality defined?

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE), quality is the "property or set of properties inherent to something, which allow us to judge its value".

Throughout history, man has sought to consume quality products and Tequila has not been the exception.

What people think about the quality of a tequila

I gave myself the task of asking: What is a quality tequila? both to people who have experience in the industry as well as to people who are totally non-related to it. Some of the answers I received were:

  • "A tequila that is good to my senses"
  • "A tequila that comes from a formal company"
  • "A tequila that is done well"
  • "A tequila that matches each of the clients requirements, aligned with the legal regulations as well"

We could ask this same question to hundreds of people and we would get hundreds of responses. We could try to define the quality of a product by doing so but, we must keep in mind that the raw material an process may vary a lot, and that when a consumer evaluates a tequila, he does it from its own perception of the product, at the time he tasted it. This perception depends on their mood, physiological, social and cultural backgrounds, so it might be ambiguous and complicated.

What I am trying to say is that the concept of quality that each person has is unique and if a product happens to have enough of what matches this person's idea of quality, he will indeed take it at such and define it as a "quality tequila".

If we consider all of the above, taking into account each of the interpretations of quality that there are in order to define such a a concept, it's just impossible. Still, we, at Casa Sauza, have focused on defining what WE OFFER AS QUALITY by delivering a product that not only meets the needs of our customers, but that also exceeds their expectations. How we do it?

Defining the quality of a tequila at Casa Sauza

The quality of Casa Sauza® tequilas is defined under two perspectives: Internal and external.

Internal perspective of quality

From our internal perspective, we must doing things right, right from the start. It sounds easy, but making tequila is an art.

Behind each bottle of Tequila Sauza lies a huge effort that each of our employees does. They are part of this great company and are always giving their best at what each one does.

We make tequila by managing a Quality System that is specific to Casa Sauza. It is carried out throughout the whole process, from the production of raw material (agave), to the extraction, hydrolysis, fermentation, distillation, packaging, delivery and distribution processes. This allows us to comply with the standards established by the company itself, both physical-chemical, which are mainly based on the NOM-006-SCFI-2012, as well as biological and sensory (in each of them). This is how we manage to always achieve the same characteristics on each of our tequilas, both physical and sensory, which define our tequilas and make them a "one of a kind". There are no accidents on their taste.

External perspective of quality

From the external perspective, and as we've mentioned before, quality is closely related to the consumer's perception, so this perspective is what guarantees success.

Casa Sauza has established a strategy to listen to the consumers and learn from them. Our products are made in a way that they must accept it (in every sense) and love it from the very first time they taste it.

And if the first time you tried it was because you were attracted to the package, or because someone gave it to you, or just because it was the only one you found, the next time should be for the pleasure of tasting it again. I guarantee it will feel like the first time you had it. I hope that no matter how many times you have it, it leaves you with the same satisfaction you had the first time your truly tasted it.

Do you want to know more about the quality of a tequila? In my following blogs I will talk about the ways in which quality is cared for and measured during each of our processes at Casa Sauza.

Come and visit Casa Sauza so you can learn how the modernization of our production processes deliver the purest tequila that you will find in the market.

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Erika García

Escrito por Erika García

Q.F.B. Erika García Soy parte de Casa Sauza desde hace 10 años, actualmente estoy en el Departamento de Desarrollo de Manufactura en el área de Aseguramiento de la calidad, soy integrante del subcomité de Laboratorios Acreditados del Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT).