Tequila Sauza Against Piracy (Part 2)

por Jorge Celis | Dec 20, 2021 11:31:24 AM

tequila industry against piracy

In my previous blog, I talked about this important topic. One of my readers asked some very interesting questions, so I decided to give them an answer here, as a blog, so everyone else could see them as well. Here there are:

1- Do you think this piracy actions should be penalized with jail?

My direct answer is yes, they should be, since they are directly affecting the creative ability of companies however, as we all know, the penitentiary system of our country has serious deficiencies so it would have little or no value to imprison those who plagiarize a product.

2- Around how much money gets lost per year due to this piracy actions that affect your products?

I don't have the exact figure in money, but it's said that 43% of alcoholic beverages sold in Mexico are apocryphal and, just to give you an idea, in 2015, illegal alcoholic beverages generated a loss of 6 thousand 300 million of pesos for the MexicanTreasury Department, only for evasion of the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS).

3-Would you ever collaborate with another distillery in order to attack this wrongdoing faster?

Yes, of course I would! especially because it's a real challenge to do so. Crime is constantly looking for easy money, we can say it's one of its premises, and the sale of alcohol represents a safe income, so finding a way to stop piracy is a whole battle, one that implies creativity most of all.

4- How would Casa Sauza react in a case of consumer's intoxication?

Tequila Sauza has a well-defined process of traceability of its products that goes from the highest level to the moment it reaches its distributors. This allows us, in the first instance, to get all the necessary information in order to trace the possible contaminated product, and based on this, take the actions and decisions required to solve the problem promptly if required.

5- Do you think Casa Sauza will ever get rid of this this activities held against their products?

There is no better weapon against piracy than information, which is why we are betting on providing the best and most complete information possible, both of our brands and of tequila in general as well. As an example of this, we have the creation of all these blogs which aim to further explain the details of this drink that represents us, Mexicans, around the world.

We are aware, as I mentioned before, that organized crime doesn't rest, it's always looking for resources, therefore, it won't be easy to end the hacking of our products, but you can be sure that we are constantly working to generate the necessary ideas in order to minimize or disappear this activity.

As a last comment, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, hoping that these answers are of your liking and that they helped clarifying your doubts. This is a very ample topic, so it's very difficult to summarize it all in a few words, and that's just for the spirits area...

casa sauza against piracy

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