Tequila: A Global Trend

por Elia Bañuelos | Dec 20, 2021 11:17:23 AM

tequila a global trend

Known for many people as the "Mexican drink", tequila nowadays plays a very important role nationally and internationally. Throughout the years, tequila has positioned itself in different social status, first emerging as a cheap and ordinary beverage, and then transforming into a high social status drink. Discover why tequila is the latest trend alcoholic beverage within the premium products in the worldwide market.

In order to understand what is the premiumization, one of the most important aspect to consider is the constant innovation in the materials that is used to create different tequila presentations. This happens in the regular or high volume products as well as in the low volume products, known as Premium or Super Premium.

This is why the Premiumization subject has become a global trend which many tequila industries have been following and adopted as one of their principal business strategies.

Why is the Premiumization used as a Sale Strategy?

The premiumization is a global trend that reflects the growing high-quality product demand from the consumers worldwide. Our clients want today more than ever, to have a unique and special experience when they drink our tequila or when they consume any other product/service.

The premiumization phenomenon has been reinforced in the tequila in the last years. We are able to see that the highest range products classifications, were the ones with a higher growth. This is why the prestige brands segment was distinguished by a huge growth in the last years, followed by the ultra-premium brands.

On the other hand, the standard brand's segment didn't experience a big increase in the product variety or consumption, these type of tequila brand growth was actually pretty limited. However, the premiumization besides from being an excellent marketing strategy brings along big challenges to the companies. These challenges come in terms of efficiency, productivity, and costs.

How to generate Higher Profits through Premiumization?

The premiumization adds additional characteristics to the product/service that allow improving the consumer's perspective and satisfaction level. The goal is to keep the costs of the packaging material at the same price as the previous one. This goal is achieved by improving the production processes, using an altern virgin material, and reducing faults in the production lines, among others. The package, including the costs, are aspects of vital importance in the final decision of the consumer.

Premiumization Strategy in Casa Sauza

Casa Sauza has as a priority to search for growing in a macroeconomic environment. The way in which we are looking for additional results with a winning combination, it is basically how we innovate and create.

Innovation is a key piece of our strategy. All of our new products allow us to expand to new markets and new consumers all around the world. In Casa Sauza, we have worked very hard to develop new processes and materials in order to produce artisanal tequilas through an automatized method. By doing so, we preserve the essence of our brand and we are able to offer a high-quality product with the proper safety standards.

One of the disadvantages of manufacturing artisanal products, especially in the food segment, is the constant risk of having some pollution level because of the environment contact with the final product. That is why in Casa Sauza, we have the main objective od developing products that meet our client's demands and they also meet the quality and safety standards officially established. Thanks to this goal we are experiencing new technologies and new processes day by day.


Black barrel tequila Sauza

Hornitos Black Barrel, an Innovation Example in Premiumization

An example of our premiumization products in one of our best creations and innovations: Hornitos Black Barrel.
This is a tequila that is bottled through an automatized process, and besides having a black bottle with a matte decoration which turns it into a very delicate bottle that can get damaged in the production, packaging and transferring process, we developed materials that eliminate the risks of being damaged.

In the same way, we developed a new kind of package, never used before to actually protect the glass bottles and assure the quality of the final product, taking care of the sales costs.

I invite you to keep reading the next blogs post about the process we have implemented in Casa Sauza to develop our new products and offer the best tequila to our clients.

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