Sustainable Procurement in Tequila production at Casa Sauza

por Marco Navarro Marco Navarro | Dec 28, 2021 8:18:43 PM


It seems like the world has sustained a fashion trend these days. Everyone hears it, they think they know what it means and try to do their part to assure that we improve the conditions on the Earth we live in. 

In Sauza we are doing our best to minimize our carbon footprint. This invitation has even transcended to our suppliers so they can also do their part to assure that we are bottling environmentally friendly high-quality products that are a delight to your taste buds. Below are the main components in a Tequila bottle with some information on what our vendors are doing to help the environment. 


Glass has a large impact on the environment, mainly due to its process. Glass has been the best option to bottling tequila. Our glass suppliers are using recycled glass when it's possible. In Sauza we even have specifications for our glass manufacturer stating the minimum percentage that has to be recycled glass. This of course cannot be done solely with the supplier. We also need consumer help to assure that they are recycling glass containers. 



Closures come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. Our goal is to assure that the wooden closures come from sustainable forests and other types of closures such as plastic, that can be recycled. An interesting fact is the Hornitos closure, for the Mexican market, is a BioAgave closure. What does this mean? That it is a mixture of agave fibers, our raw material, and plastic. This allows to reuse the raw material that we use to make Tequila and somehow bring it back to the product. 


Cardboard and Paper

The other components that go into the bottle of Sauza Tequila that you are enjoying is cardboard and paper. We need cardboard to protect and move the bottles from one place to another. Not only do our cardboard suppliers assure that the cardboard they use come from sustainable sources, but also assure us that they recycle as much as possible. Same goes with labels. The labels on the bottle are made of paper that Sauza specified. This must have a certain percentage of recycled material that assures the integrity of the label but also helps the environment as much as possible. 



One of the biggest contaminants we have is transportation. Sadly, we are not in a world where every vehicle on the road is green, but we are doing efforts to reduce contaminants. One way is to optimize transportation and consolidate as much as possible. We ask our vendors to use transportation that has passed emission testing and is also free of any oil leaks. 

The components mentioned are just some examples of what Sauza procurement is doing to reduce the carbon footprint of the Tequila that is consumed around the world. With the help of the consumers, we can assure that Sauza not only produces the best Tequila in the world but is also doing as much as possible, year after year, to reduce our carbon footprint.

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