Safety Precautions for Handling Forklifts

por Leonel Ruvalcaba | Dec 23, 2021 12:10:26 AM

Forklift safety Casa Sauza

The forklift is a tool used for loading and unloading materials. At Tequila Sauza,  we also use it to move pallets with materials and product. Learn forklift safety tips in this blog post.

The forklift driver

The driver's role in the handling of forklifts is paramount for his own safety and that of the people around him. He is prepared and trained in safety procedures and is assigned a specific forklift for his shift. 

The forklift driver is responsible for properly using his forklift with regards to:

  • General safety in the workplace. The driver is responsible for the different situations that could occur if he were to improperly use the forklift (unsafe acts and conditions).
  • Vehicle and cargo. There is a financial value to the forklift and the loads being moved. The forklift operator is also responsible for the preserving the condition of goods. 

Skills for operating a forklift:

  • Physical: The driver must have good vision and hearing, and cannot have a hernia. He cannot have any ailment that could potentially cause a loss of consciousness or balance.
  • Psycho-Physiological:  He/she must be able to see colors and have quick reflexes so that he can respond to visual or auditory cues. 
  • Psycho-Technical: The driver must pass technical tests of aptitude. 
  • Techniques: It is imperative that he/she has a strong knowledge of all the controls and functions of the forklift, and also a general knowledge of mechanics. 

Safety instructions for the forklift operator

    • The forklift must be operated only by trained and authorized personnel.
    • Be aware of the great responsibility he/she has  when operating a forklift.
    • Perform a check before and after operating the forklift.
    • Use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
    • Always use the safety belt.
    • Respect the speed limits.
    • Sound the horn at intersections.
    • Respect pedestrian crossings (traffic lights).

    Forklifts must be able to work in a variety of work environments. When choosing which forklift to purchase, the spaces where it will be used  must be taken into consideration. Therefore, the following measures must always be taken:

    • Use a forklift compatible with the place where it will operate. The machine's power, exhaust and scrubbers will be chosen depending on whether it will be used outdoors, in covered but well ventilated areas or in closed rooms with limited ventilation. At Casa Sauza, electric forklifts are used. They are used in enclosed spaces therefore the emission of toxic and / or asphyxiating gases must be avoided.  
    • The forklift must have its own lighting unless it only works in open air  and during daytime hours. 
    • It is necessary to provide a place to park the forklifts, as well as to perform maintenance work.
    • The floors must be able to withstand the passage of the forklifts carrying the maximum load. Floors must also be anti-skid according to the type of wheel or rim used.
    • Any holes, protruding objects or any other obstacles in circulation areas should be removed.
    • The doors must comply with what is indicated in each aisle and their height must be greater than 50 cm. The use of swing doors will require the existence of a transparent area that provides adequate visibility.
    • The width of corridors where there is traffic moving in two directions must not be less than twice the width of vehicles or the load carried plus 1.40 meters. The greater of the two will be used.
    • The width of the corridors where traffic moves in 1 direction must be equal to the width of the vehicle or the load carried plus 1 meter. Latticework, air ducts or any structures in the travel lanes must be taken into account. 


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