Quick Format Changes with SMED in Production Lines

por Eduardo Zamora Garza | Dec 28, 2021 7:04:12 PM

SMED at Casa Sauza

One of the main challenges of any production line is to reduce and optimize downtime as much as possible. For this reason, the times of format changes in the equipment should be improved. Discover how we have done it at Casa Sauza.




Why use Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Quick Changes?

Long-lasting changes cost money because teams stay idle and can not produce.

The typical approach of format change is to limit the number of format changes by means of long runs of production. Time is saved as a result of it, but the excess inventory ends up costing too much. Another option is to "accept the reality" and make the format changes that are necessary to meet the customer needs while keeping a low inventory but at a high cost, due to long format changes = downtime.

SMED implementation

The best thing to do in order to reduce the format change time and be able to live with the best of both options (low inventory at minimum change cost and an increase on the flexibility and capacity) is to implement SMED. The key to minimize change times is to reduce internal activities, which must be carried out while the equipment is stopped.

Which are the Internal and External Activities?

External Activities

Activities that can be carried out while the equipment is operating (prepare tools, make a plan for the change...)

Internal Activities

Activities that must be carried out while the equipment is stopped (change of tools...)

Steps for the SMED Implementation:

  1. Analysis of change activities
  2. Separate internal and external activities
  3. Turn internal changes to external
  4. Improve internal changes
  5. Get rid of adjustment activities
  6. Improve external changes activities
  7. Standardize

SMED's objective is to reduce the format change time to less than 10 minutes. At Casa Sauza, we have managed to lower the change time from 2 hours to 5 minutes.

Here is the video that helped us break our paradigms. You will see the result of applying SMED when changing an equipment piece of a production line.

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