Management Systems in Product Development

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management systems in product development

The project, the development, the pilot production and the normal production of new products can refer to a wide variety of types and shapes. Keep reading and discover how we manage new product's development in Casa Sauza, to keep our customers satisfied.

Besides this, a new product's development can be different starting from totally new products to partially new products, just adding a new characteristic to an existent product. The product's development teams have to use flexible processes that can be adjusted to a wide range of necessities.

Most companies have established a management quality system, but those systems are not frequently applied at a depth level to the early managing stages. The implemented analysis and investigations are inadequate, technology is not properly used, creating a lack of effectiveness and the development stage gets delayed, conducing to a lot of troubles in the following stages. Every company has to develop an early managing system of the product on the basis of their needs. The system must allow the information to be properly incorporated to know about potential issues and requirements at an early stage, and by doing so, the production process can be performed with a correct start from the beginning to avoid having issues later on.

Selection and Evaluation of Product Managing Projects

The development of competitive and desired products is the key to a business success. To decide upon a particular product, it is very important to carefully investigate what the customers want, and to evaluate the technical and physical capacity of the company, In this context, several factors are evaluated such as:

  • The product (price competitivity, market size, novelty, life cycle, profitability, etc)
  • The development capacity of the company ( development technologies, processes, usage of materials, etc)
  • The product's fit in the company policies and their evolution possibilities.

To evaluate these factors, a couple of specifications must be established for the success of the development. The process is separated into different elements to identify better the obstacles that will have to be overcome to complete the project successfully.

Incorporación Quality incorporation in the Development Management

During the production test and at the beginning of the big scale production, the department in charge should strictly control the first products of every series in order to make sure that they are not elaborated or delivered with flaws. With the same approach, the quality-control department has to examine the production plans and decide if they require another kind of control strategy.

The quality department verifies that the product was done correctly, according to the original plans and designs, and as well determines if the production process has been properly standardized and under control. If all the requirements have been met, the quality guarantee department removes the product from the "first lots" list, and this system helps us to avoid delivering a product with quality flaws or mistakes.

Práctica Practice in the Equipment Developing Management

When the equipment is going through a remodeling process or its installed again, many problems arose in the income phase, which creates as a consequence a delay in the operations and a reduction of the global efficiency. This happens when the project equipment fails in integrating the viability, maintenance, operationality, economy, and quality-assurance of the early managing stage.

To reduce the time of the test operations and achieve an immediate startup, free of issues, we have to use all the technical resources and strategies to eliminate the potential problems in the planning and design stages.

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