The Path of Success to an Organizational Pride

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Casa Sauza ranked #9 in the Great Place to Work programCasa Sauza has been recently awarded by Great Place to Work® México, being the number 9 within the 100 best companies to work within Mexico. With this prize in our hands, we wrote some articles to share our experience and achievements related to this program. Discover how Casa Sauza was able to obtain this rank in Great Place to Work® México.

The article that we want to share now was written by Dafne Navarro Miranda from Great Place to Work® México and she is introducing ourselves as a case study regarding all the challenges that we have overcome to be ranked in the first 10 best companies to work with in our country.


Great Story: The Challenge

Great Place to Work 2017 Casa Sauza sello

To establish a directive strategy that fosters a high trust organizational culture where all the collaborators feel as at home and have a sense of belonging is a support to achieve together the goals of the company.

By constantly revising the Human Resources programs that allow the development, evaluation, remuneration, and recognition based in impartiality and trust in the organization we have been able to maintain a high commitment level in all of our collaborators creating an effective business process with functional installations and a good profitability.


The Solution

In Casa Sauza, we foster a high reliability and confidence culture, sustained in respect, impartiality, commitment, pride, recognition, and effectiveness. All these aspects communicate among our employees and are reinforced with the program: Values in Action.

Everything is narrowed down by contributing to each person's development and connecting those goals to the business goals, which generates a sense of empowering. Coaching sessions are available for those who need them and constant training to all kinds of employees are imparted as methods to meet the organization's goals and demands.

The development and use of managing skills and culture have supported Casa Sauza to transform the leader figure into an individual who is convinced of overcoming challenges and achieve global results. This is a product of the effort of collaborators and leaders who are competitive individuals with a sense of balance between their professional development, talent, and personal growth. The remunerations are generated according to a base qualified payment and it's compared against the market in the global Willis Watson Towers survey.

The constant spreading of forefront technology supports the enrichment of the training and development plans for the employees, making it easier to break down the established paradigms, open up our minds, and learn new ways to perform tasks. Different organizational practices are impulsed in Casa Sauza, offering flexible work schedules, economic incentives to support the education of our collaborator's children, health programs, sport's promotion, and recreational areas in the company.

Even the physical spaces of the administrative offices were remodeled, based on the Living Office Model which allows us to standardize the work islands placing strategically all the teamwork to promote a collaborative work and a sense of fellowship. The participation in social corporative responsibility programs is generating a positive impact in the local ecology, in supporting older adults, responsible alcohol consumption, and the health care in the whole population.


Next Steps

Casa Sauza is now at a moment where we are looking to strengthen the positive impact of our High Trust indicators regarding the organizational model. Taking advantage of the implementation Success Factor, we will keep on fostering talent programs from the inside of the company.

Following the automatization strategy to achieve the employees empowering, it will be imperative to revise and maintain the practices and organizational culture programs updated and evolving in the year 2012, making sure that they are still effective and contemporary. To maintain an organizational structure that is simple and efficient that will allow us to meet the business goals, we will keep on improving and managing the best resources we have: our people.

Great Place to Work®, is an investigation firm that provides consultors and formation to different organizations and helps them to identify, create, and maintain excellent places to work through the development of organizational cultures based on high trust. Great Place to Work® offers solutions to public and private corporations, as well as the ONG in more than 51 countries in the world. The constant investigation, the measurement instruments, and the educational services have turned Great Place to Work® in an obligated reference for the companies to build better workplaces with a high trust level. Its mission is to help building a better society, helping the organizations to transform their work environments. Great Place to Work® México is the only institution with the necessary tools to certificate workplaces, because its methodology is officially supervised by the Instituto Mexicano de Normalización y Certificación, A.C. (IMNC). Nevertheless, since 2012 Great Place to Work® added to its processes to select and grade organizations, the rankings coming from the firm Grant Thornton.


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