Learning From our Production Equipment's Failures

por David Juárez | Dec 28, 2021 7:54:30 PM


autonomous maintenance at casa sauza

I want to share something with you, and it's a lot of what I've learned from working at Casa Sauza. What I first want to tell you, is that I am proud to belong to this company, since from my point of view, it is one of the best companies to work at. I mention this because the training that is given to us, technicians, is decided based on the needs of the company, which is why I say that one has to learn from failures, because nothing is ever perfect.


A perfect example of this would be when a machine suddenly stops working. Not so long ago, we needed to call a mechanic to repair it, but not anymore. Nowadays, us, the operators, solve almost every machine stoppage that may occur.

How did this change happen?

tpm at tequila production sauza

The company was in need of implementing the TPM system (Total Productive Maintenance) so that operators, based on this training, could also become technicians, not just machine operators. With this training, one learns from the smallest detail to the greatest. What does this mean? that when an operator had some minimum failure (sensor doesn't detect), the mechanic was summoned to repair it. Not today, not anymore. We, operators, know our equipment well and repair it right away. We now own our process.

Who solves the equipment's failures?

Thanks to all that we have learned during our training courses, I can say that us, the operators, have become expert technicians. Why do I say so? Because we now ask for very little support from specialists and most of us now carry out our own autonomous maintenance interventions and even our own planned maintenance as well.

Why is Autonomous Maintenance important?

planned maintenance tequila sauza

Because it is the moment at which loose, worn out, ignored and forced parts are detected. In addition, the life cycle of some components of the machinery is controlled.

What is done in Planned Maintenance?

It is when you program in advance the replacement of those pieces which are about to end their life cycle. In this way, we avoid unwanted major stoppages.


great place to work casa sauza

Considering these two kinds of maintenance, one becomes an expert in solving failures and in repairing the equipment. One learns from the beginning about their operation as well as of all their components by area: mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, among others.

What is most impressive to me is that we totally dissemble an equipment and then reassemble it all over again and make it keep working as if it was brand new.

My advice? allow yourself to learn from each and every one of the projects or opportunities that arise in your life, without leaving aside your everyday practice.

I will end by mentioning that Casa Sauza is always working on the updating of its personnel which is why, thanks to all the effort and responsibility that we as workers show, we now carry out the maintenance processes of our own equipment.

If you would like to know more about our production processes, come to Casa Sauza and see for your self how do we produce the purest tequila that you will find in the market.


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