Improving Administrative Processes With the TPM Value

por Jorge Octavio Rivera | Dec 23, 2021 2:53:33 PM


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In the more of 15 years that I've been working in this company, I've gone through a lot of systems and methodologies implementations, always focusing in making the production processes more efficient, improving the product's quality, costs and delivery times. But these systems didn't come alone, they included a big number of formats, register documents, and manuals that overwhelmed our employees because they had long working periods and this affected their quality of life for not having an automatic system that would have allowed us to optimize times and schedules.

Why Implementing TPM in all the administrative processes?

I will start saying that the administrative pillar of the TPM, is a methodology centered in the continuous improvement of processes to eliminate losses in the mentioned processes and in the actives of a company.

Contrary to the production department, where the raw materials are processed and the results are tangible goods, the "Administration and Services Department" process the information, takes the gross data generated in the production areas and they add a value when doing so. They are able to organize them in a clear and adequate way, at a low cost and a high-quality level.

The Administrative Pillar Goal of TPM

The pillar main goal is to improve the efficiency in all the processes by optimization and systematization in the administrative area, increasing the output and decreasing the input. It is necessary to develop a highly qualified personnel when using the actives and the work's capital to generate new and useful information, and by doing so, quickly answering to any change or demand of the organization.

6 Implementation Stages:

  • 1.-Initial cleaning and waste elimination.
  • 2.-ocuments and Compilation System Analysis Inventory.
  • 3.-Work analysis, document's flow analysis
  • 4.-Improving actions
  • 5.-Activities stardardization.
  • 6.-Autonomous management achievement.

How did Casa Sauza experience the Stage #1 Implementation?

Motivated by the need of improving the response time among the different departments in the company, the directors decided to reunite all the operation departments in one place, we called this project a Living Office.

This project consisted in a complete remodeling of our offices, wanting to eliminate the walls thay were an obstacle for the information flow, we standardized the working islands with the minimum necessary, placing carefully the equipment, storing spaces and meeting rooms, all of this was done following a previously planned strategy. We wanted all our employees to be able to access each space and move fast and easily, with the goal of helping them to perform their activities more efficiently.

It is also important to say that when we implemented the GPTW® program, collaboration was a key point for completing the Better Places to Work and Living Office projects. Both of them allowed us to solve the need of keeping open spaces and more having more connections between them.

Which were the results?

With the standardization of the working islands we eliminated the unnecessary items, making it easier to find what we needed, generating a cleaner and bigger area to work.  
We included in these islands the latest technology equipment (screens with wifi connections), this motivated our employees to use them and take care of them, because if they needed to talk with their co-workers, they just needed to whirl the chair and that was it! You can start your presentation.

We also changed our desk equipment for laptops, in order to make it easier for everyone to move quickly to search for or present information, reducing transcription times and decreasing the response time when talking to our clients or providers.

If you want to know how was the next stage implemented in Casa Sauza keep reading the next blog post for more information and schedule your guided tour visit to our facilities, you will have an amazing time.

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    Come and visit Casa Sauza so you can learn how the modernization of our production processes deliver the purest tequila that you will find in the market.Download our free Ebook  TPM at Sauza



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