How to Improve Quality on a Production Line

por Ing. José Luis Blanco | Dec 28, 2021 2:01:10 PM

Quality in production at Sauza tequila

During the 16 years that I have been responsible for the production line, I’ve learned that one of the most important things to do is to monitor quality. Not doing so is simply not cost-effective for Casa Sauza. When implementing a quality control system, there are two options:

  • Inspection by humans
  • Inspection using technology

Learn how and when to choose between the two.


Quality of products bottled at Sauza

At Sauza we are care about the final quality of our products. The final quality check of our bottled products guarantees for our clients that the quality guidelines and criteria have been met.

We know if our products don’t meet quality guidelines, there will be negative business repercussions. Some of the consequences include loss of consumer trust because of health reasons, a negative influence on the Sauza brand and potentially product recall.

How to improve inspection quality on the line

At Sauza, we have identified that our manual sample checks and random quality checks are not sufficient. There is still high that products that don’t meet our quality specifications could be purchased by the end consumer. Timely detection of failures in a process can positively impact production plans and prevent the quarantine of defective products if a quality problem were to arise.

There are diverse inspection technologies available. Choosing the correct technology depends on:

  • The type of product being inspected
  • The application of the process
  • The quality standards that must be met
  • The defined parameters of the inspection

The purpose of Sauza’s inspection process is to ensure that consumers receive products of the highest quality. We use two inspection systems:

  • End of the process inspection to remove defective products
  • The automatic inspection which regulates the entire process

 Quality in the bottling line at Casa Sauza


 The Cost of not monitoring quality

Inspecting products at the end of the process: This is Sauza’s last chance to maintain quality over their products and keep its high standards.

Sauza’s objective is to establish basic principles and processes throughout the bottling process to control product quality. At Sauza, we are automating the production lines so that 100% of production will be monitored with the most modern inspection systems resulting in faster response time identifying problems that create defects.


How to identify defective variables within the production process

We have realized that to succeed in maintaining quality control of bottling processes, it is necessary to verify all of the variables. But because the direct relationship between the process characteristics and the product characteristics isn’t known, sometimes there is no means of evaluating and regulating both inspection and the production.


Inspecting for quality on the bottling line at Casa Sauza


The objective of the quality inspection is to ensure that the final product quality is verified. Standards and guidelines for the process must be defined before the production process even begins. Therefore, when designing your quality control inspection process, it is imperative to create a list of which characteristics your organization wants to monitor and evaluate.

One of the fundamental first steps of quality control is to detect the differences in product elaborations throughout the production process. This enables an analysis of defects and the opportunity to eliminate them. Each step of the manufacturing process must be controlled. Hence the need for an inspection system to increase the probability that the finished product complies with quality specifications and the design itself.

The automation of the inspection aims to continually audit the quality of the products throughout the process. This includes materials received from suppliers, semi-finished products in intermediary manufacturing stages and final product completion and impact with automation.


Monitoring quality at Casa Sauza


At Sauza, the automation process allows us to reduce costs and identify which parts of the manufacturing process can be improved or made simpler and more economical.

Today companies can access technological solutions to automate manufacturing allowing them to streamline the process and make it more efficient. This increases your sales capacity and minimizes your costs.


Come and visit Casa Sauza and see for yourself how the modernization of our production processes delivers the purest tequila that you will find in the market.

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