The Importance of the Master Production Schedule: an indicator for production control

por Mariana Huerta | Dec 25, 2021 9:16:09 AM

What is MPS?

The Master Production Schedule, MPS, is an indicator of what, when, and how many items to produce. Additionally, the information that it generates can be used as an indicator that shows how much we can commit to produce for the client.

The term MPS first came about in the 1960’s, although the meaning has changed throughout time. The early definition made of the MPS was designed for sales and operation planning (S&OP) only, but after undergoing analysis, the definition changed in the 1980’s so it would group various processes in the supply chain to make it more tactical. It is important to understand that the MPS is not a wish list, it is rather a planning what you need to produce so it requires previous analysis of the plant capabilities and materials availability.

Where is MPS located in the fundamental processes?

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The MPS, being part of the fundamental processes, is located after the definition for the distribution plan or product wheel, which is the model used in Sauza, and before the Material Requirement Planning (MRP), which defines the material necessities for production.

Graphic Process for MPS

The MPS consolidates the information from the forecast and using that information, it will show the necessities that we have for acquiring materials and, according to the capacity analysis, the necessary resources to execute the production.

Achieve the change

All the processes have a degree of difficulty to achieve a change, in most cases, this is defined by the culture of doing things or the flexibility to accept doing things in a different way. People are an important factor because this achievement depends on them. No processes can be carried out on their own, it’s necessary for someone to execute them, to ensure a follow-up and to define the measurement of assets.

People have a natural resistance to change so it is important consider this matter and push them to focus on the improvements and the results, not to mention on the advantages that will be obtained within time, and the opportunity to work with a world class process.

The industry is constantly looking for more efficient processes. A fast response when making a good decision, could make the difference between doing things following the longest path (like to use various tools with a late answer) or following one with an optimum result in a shorter period of time.

We must remember that those who survive are not the strongest nor the smartest, but rather those who adapt better to change, so it’s necessary to think in a different way and to accept a reality: the industry advances faster every time and only the use of technology can help us work better and, why not? have a better life-quality.

The idea of this indicator is to not only make work more efficient, but also to enjoy being here in Sauza, since most of us spend a large part of our day working here. We have to keep in mind that we are all Sauza and that we all have one common goal: to produce cases with the highest quality standards.

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