The Importance of Having Automated Administration Processes

por Erdeny Sánchez Erdeny Sánchez | Dec 16, 2021 8:08:40 AM

automation of administration processes at casa sauza

Throughout our experience in the automation of processes in the packaging area, we realized that whenever we requested certain information or results, we often got answers such as: "We can't find it" or "we do not have the information updated". Which created a waste of time while we waited for the document to be updated. Discover how we solved this situation at Casa Sauza.

Another situation that used to happen was that once we contacted the person in charge of sending a document, it turned out that this person was not the one who had to fill in the document itself, so we had to look for the latter and ask him/her to fill it in and then have the document sent to us once it was updated. Other times we found obsolete information or duplicated documents. There is even information that one fills in and sends but not quite sure it is still serving to any purpose at all. All of this causes:

  • Waste of time
  • Delays
  • Transfers
  • Stress
  • Dead hours

Simplification of administration and operation processes

For all of the reasons above, in our bottling area we use the administration pillar (Part of Casa Sauza's TPM program) as well as other indirect tools. We have also worked as a team in order to simplify both of our administration and operation processes, developing thus, efficient and real-time information, anytime that is is requested from us.

simplification of administration and operation processes

This has helped in working only with the necessary documents, those that add real value to the company. By doing so, we save on our documents' printed stationary as well as on the transfers that we had to carry out in order to deliver them.

These days, the documents are automated on each of the processes and we have 60 inches touch screens, tablets and surface. Results are generated and visualized at the same moment of the operation, on the same working day.

This information is completed on each of the operation and administration areas and the results are filled in on each area report. They are both projected on the screens.

The operation technicians have tablets and surface, all the printed documents were totally removed. The records go to a database where they fill documents in and the results are projected with graphs. Each of the operators receives training on how to use these tools as well as on the benefits of using them.

Making use of touch screens, daily area meetings are held for both the operation and the administration staff. A board is projected and tasks are written down at the same moment as the need to solve a problem arises. Once the solution is addressed, an e-maile is automatically sent to the person responsible of carrying it out.

These are some of the improvements made for and at our area. This methodology is part of the Continuous Improvement program. We always have opportunity areas and we constantly have to give a follow-up to each of our processes in order to give proper maintenance to Casa Sauza's Automated System.

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