Casa Sauza Extraction Area: Tradition and Commitment Done Work

por CHRISTIAN JIMENEZ | Dec 28, 2021 7:49:45 PM


  • Do you want to know what is the commitment that we, those responsible for the Extraction Area, have? The effort that we make every day to continue reaching and fulfilling our objectives. The goals that we propose and achieve is a team effort that we always carry out.
    The Extraction Area at Casa Sauza is a fundamental part and one of the most important. This is where the tequila process begins and that leads to great challenges to overcome day by day. That is why we seek to continue reinventing ourselves in matters of knowledge about processes and machinery that help to continue growing, implementing tools that help the personnel in this area to perform their work with the highest standards to meet the desired expectations.

    Knowledge and application of tools help us to continue improving standards controls and prevent failures. Committed to perform our work with the highest level of quality and compete with other companies in the same industrial branch. We, the members of the Sauza extraction team, continue to grow: We implement and develop new technologies in our area, we seek and propose constant improvement projects that allow us to go further and meet our objectives as members of Casa Sauza.

    Some tools that we use as support to carry out our work are:

    • The 5s to keep our area clean and tidy.
    • TPM, Total Productive Maintenance, a tool that involves a series of activities whose focus is to prevent equipment failures, keeping them under constant review and maintenance.
    • In addition to these tools, the use of platforms has been put into practice, the newest one is
      SOLVACE: A platform that allows us to keep track of the maintenance and prevention record of equipment in the different areas involved in Casa Sauza.

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