How to Check a Trailer Box, Assure its Load, and Manage its Logistics in order to Ship Tequila

por Leonel Ruvalcaba | Dec 28, 2021 1:49:52 PM

Checking Trailers Load Casa Sauza

In my 10 years experience working in Casa Sauza as a storage specialist, I have learned that one of the principal problems in the transportation of products, is the pollution and damage in the merchandise we want to export. In this blog, you will learn how to reduce these situations by checking the trailer's boxes and properly assuring the load.

Checking the trailer's boxes

The trailer box must be checked since the moment it arrives to be loaded. The principal aspects that you must pay attention to are: odors, floors, walls, and roofs. They have to be in good conditions, as well as having the proper documents corresponding to the operator and driver. In Casa Sauza, everyone performing this inspection, must have been trained and previously, they must have passed the "Checking trailer's boxes" course.

Trailer Boxes for loading Tequila

Every trailer box used for loading and shipping our tequila should be supervised and inspected. This means, they need to pass through a visual inspection, taking the following aspects into count:

  • Floors, walls, and roofs: without any hole
  • Door hinges in good conditions
  • Door packaging in good conditions
  • Boxes without plagues (fumigation certification)
  • Boxes without strange (contaminating odors alike fish and plastic)
  • Boxes free of humidity, fungi, etc.
  • Wheels in good conditions

The operator of the vehicle must have all the proper documentation to be able to load the shipment:

  • Permission letter
  • Operator Licence
  • Circulating documents
  • Vehicular verification
  • Physical-Mechanic Inspection within the official standards

When this inspection is performed in the trailer's box, if a transportation is not meeting any of the points listed above, the trailer box gets rejected and it can't be loaded.
Nevertheless, you have to make sure that your product is loaded in a way that any damage is avoided.


How to avoid damaging the product when the trailer is racing or violently stopping?

Assuring the trailer's load

In the first place, it is important to know if the mold loading of each product is correct, that is to say, if the platform used for the mold loading is the most adequate one or if you have to ship them in special platforms to protect them.

Additionally, it is imperative to know how is the product fastened to the platform, which ropes, belts or equipment are you using or if you just need to use polyethylene. In Casa Sauza we just use the last one because of the weight of our product, and by doing so, we avoid the slipping of it.

Casa Sauza's trailer

Another important aspect is: Which is the limit when loading your product? Is it volume or weight? In Casa Sauza, our limit is the weight, because our product is heavy because its bottled in glass containers and the quantity is stipulated in the official standards of the SCT (Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes).

Is the accommodation of the product inside a vehicle uniform? That is to say, there are spaces between each platform and product. We can fill these spaces with inflatable bags, according to the available space. By using these bags, we protect our products and we avoid them moving unexpectedly.

In Casa Sauza, the inflatable bags are placed at the end of the load and many photographs are taken, to keep an evidence on how the shipment was loaded initially. By performing these steps day by day, we have accomplished the goal of not having a single complaint from our customers regarding a damage in the product for the last year. In my next articles, I will talk about in more detail of these transportation requirements  in he following blogs, thanks for reading!

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