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On our way to become a world-class company, we are always in constant movement scanning new technologies and methods that help us to do better in our processes, always taking care of the quality and cost of our products. This time I will tell you about Visual Management (VM) and the benefits it offers in the process of generating and representing information.

Why Visual Management?

It is essential that all staff in a workplace be fully aware of the current work situation. Even though it focuses primarily on the company's areas of operation, the principles can easily be applied to support functions and administrative processes. To facilitate such awareness, informational materials should be placed where they are visible and the content can be easily recognized. If implemented properly, visual management is a powerful tool that helps drive continuous improvement.

Humans perceive the information as it follows:

 visual management casa sauza

Objective of Visual Management

Standardizing how to check the "status at a glance" means that it is an operating environment in which normal operating conditions unlike abnormal conditions can be easily and quickly detected.

Main Concepts of Visual Management

Performance measurement.

It provides the guidelines for the operations strategy to be moved downwards to the work teams, in order to ensure alignment.

The presentation of information

It explains how to make the presentations "come alive" for the teams, in order to encourage them to adopt them as their own, while promoting the improvements.

  • Rationalization and continuous improvement of the mechanisms for collecting and processing data.

What is sought is to improve the accuracy of the data in order to provide information more quickly and reduce the effort required.

Visual Management Techniques

Visual management can be applied in so many areas, that the use of the tool is limited only to the imagination of employees, some common techniques are:

  • Color Codes
  • Checklists
  • Lettering
  • Pointers
  • Visual controls
  • OPL's
  • Poka-yokes
  • Images or graphics
  • Scorecards.

Implementation at Casa Sauza

At Casa Sauza, this methodology has brought many benefits, in the areas of the process, as a support for the implementation of other pillars and simplifying administrative processes.


In support of these methodologies we have poka-yokes, OPLs and visual controls that help us verify the operating conditions and make the necessary format changes in less time. We also have a catalog of standards for labeling and signage, as well as a color code that helps us to delimit and identify the areas complying with the 5S's principles, providing clean, well identified and safe places to transit, thereby reducing any accident risk.

visual management at casa sauza

Performance Measurement

With the use of technology, we created a system called "Operational Excellence Sauza" with the purpose of simplifying the company's strategy to three levels (situational, systemic and strategic) using electronic boards that are updated automatically from our KPI's file.

In addition, we carry out a daily, weekly and monthly monitoring at our departmental meetings to study the fulfillment of  service level, to study which percentage of our commitments have concluded or closed in proper time and manner.

Presentation of information 

We developed a visual standard for the use of graphics in 7-dimensional and TPM boards, with a simple and easy to understand design, using bold and specific colors for each representation.

  1. Elements that compose it:
  2. Blue Bar Benchmarking.
  3. Gray Bar Current Monthly and YTD.
  4. Orange Bar Annual Target.
  5. Black Arrow Trend with respect to BM
  6. Arrow in the circle Direction of the KPI.
  7. Cloud % variation BM vs. YTD

Mechanisms for data collection and processing

We develop systems to record information along the supply chain in order to avoid the use of printed formats. At the same time,  we eliminate the re works, transcriptions, manual calculations and waiting time by providing production reports in an Hr x Hr electronic format by means of monitors, which are strategically  distributed throughout the production process area. This monitors help our operators analyze their current situation regarding their objective and make thus, the proper adjustments to the program production if necessary.

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