The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

por Gisela Esmerio | Dec 24, 2021 9:01:30 PM

Preventive Maintenance benefits casa sauzaAccording to our experience in Tequila Sauza, with many years of implementing the Preventive Maintenance Program. In this article, I will talk about the experience, the benefits, and the results we have been able to see in this process.

What are the Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Program?

Without any doubt, we have experienced innumerable benefits and advantages by implementing the Preventive Maintenance Program, having a strong positive impact on our processes, costs reduction, decreasing our downtime and repairs, making the equipment last for a longer time in optime conditions, helping the technitian and operator to know in more depth their equipment and tools, and allowing us to prevent damages in the raw material as well as in the final product.


How to Apply the Preventive Maintenance Program?

To implement this program, in the first place its necessary to identify all the equipment that is needed for the process, clearly defining the maintenance activities that have to be done to the equipment, always listening to the recommendations of the provider and the experience of the maintenance technitian. It is also important to define the characteristics of every intervention and divide them so the operators, mechanics and electricians can know exactly what their tasks are. Gathering all these information it is possible to generate a Maintenance Plan using a system (in our case is SAP), organizing all the activities and classifying them by frequency, operators, teams, and areas. Later on, we are able to transfer all these information into work orders, they get printed and delivered to the responsible person on the list.


What are the results of a Preventive Maintenance Program?

The results we have obtained by using the Preventive Maintenance Program for each one of our equipment and facilities have been totally positive. As we mentioned before, the principal benefits are that nowadays we are able to have enough disponibility and a great performance of the equipment, reducing repairs and damages, even achieving the goal of having 0 (zero) damages in certain areas. But we believe the most important benefit has been the level of engagement that exists among all the departments and that we have improved our communication and implement solutions for our problems, going from the repair technitian to the operator, that is to say, to be  working as a team.

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