Achieving a Great Job Performance at Casa Sauza

por David Juárez | Dec 17, 2021 9:22:33 AM

My Professional Trajectory at Casa Sauza

GPTW Casa Sauza 2018

My name is David Juarez Flores, I coordinate the Packaging Line at Casa Sauza and I am proud to work here. I would like to share my story with you. 

Ever since I was young, I dreamed about working at a tequila factory, especially at this great company, Sauza, or in Cuervo, because I considered them both the most prestigious ones.

There was this time when I took the initiative and tried my luck: I applied for a job at Casa Sauza even though I did not meet their requirements. One of them was that I had to have at least a middle school degree, and I had only finished elementary school.

Yet, at that time when I applied, Casa Sauza needed more work force and I was lucky to receive a call from them. I told them about my situation and they told me that due to the union's policies, they could only offer me a temporary 3-months-job but that once that time period was over, they could consider a long-term position for me. What happened afterwards? well...

On May 2nd, 2018, I celebrated 17 years of uninterrupted work at Casa Sauza. Perhaps a question may arise: how did I achieve all this? I think that the answer is having a determined initiative to work and to move ahead, never giving up until you achieve each one of your dreams.

Growth Activities During this 17 Years

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At my first 6 months working at Casa Sauza, I was chosen for a position as an operator at the labeling line, which was a position that some operators had not been able to get in years. I felt really proud of being chosen for it.

After 3 years of working as an operator, they offered me a position in the Union. I was asked to perform several positions in it and I belonged to this Union for 12 years. I remember that the first Manager I worked for was Miguel Álvarez, a very smart man.

The second manager I worked for was Juan Daza. At one point, he asked a question to me: What was my goal in Casa Sauza? And my answer was to be able to sit in his office. To this day, that is where I am sitting, on one side. It was a dream that I had and I made it come true.

I achieved this and by doing so, proved that whenever you want something, you can get it. One of the things that I recognize of Casa Sauza, is that it provides its workers with the tools they need in order to get ahead. Thanks to their support, I managed to study middle school, a Technical Career and finish a Baccalaureate.

I here share with you some of my achievements:

Casa Sauza GPTW professional achievements

This is another image of an achievement, which thanks to the perseverance in this road of improvements and challenges, can be held at Casa Sauza.

professional achievements at Casa Sauza

I consider that there is no other like Tequila Sauza. This is a company that continuously innovates and works on the development of its workers. I personally feel very flattered for the trust that they've put in me. You can see the results by yourself, I was able to achieve them because I belonged to this great group of high-performing workers.

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