White / Silver Tequila Production Process at Sauza

por Rafael Ramos Rafael Ramos | Mar 30, 2022 3:54:43 PM

White Silver Tequila Sauza

There are five different kinds of tequila globally, depending on their manufacturing process. One of these classes is white or silver tequila, obtained from the second distillation and does not have any other additional procedure, such as the aging process that different tequila classifications have, such as the añejo (Aged) variety.

What is the production process for white or silver tequila?

To obtain white or silver tequila, the first thing is the raw material, which in this case is the Blue Variety Tequilana Weber Agave. At Casa Sauza, the agave is brought from plantations directly to the factory. It does not go through other processes before reaching the factory.

The sugar extraction is carried out inside the factory, and that is how Casa Sauza performs a different procedure from the rest of the tequila distilleries. First, we transform raw starch into liquid, then turn it into sugars. The juice obtained from this production is called 'must,' which is transferred to the following process, called formulation-fermentation.

What is the real difference between formulation and fermentation?

When we need to produce 100% pure agave tequila, we use the formulation process, while in the case of fermentation is used when we mix other sugar sources to make tequila (Mixed tequila) that it's not going to be 100% Tequila.

In fermentation, there are two different processes:

  • Induced fermentation: It is done with selected yeasts. It is usually used when large volumes of musts are needed to ferment.
  • Spontaneous fermentation is carried out in open air to let the microorganisms enter directly, consume the sugar, and convert it into alcohol.

At Casa Sauza, induced fermentation is used due to the safety and innocuousness of this process. Therefore, we comply with the safety certification by completely controlling the fermentation process.
After the fermentation process, the purification process is carried out, which is the distillation of the juice. At Casa Sauza, the first distillation is carried out in a continuous distillation tower. After the first distillation comes the second, which is called rectification and is carried out in stainless steel stills. Most of the methanol produced is eliminated between the process of the two distillations of the white or silver tequila; hence, the Casa Sauza tequilas contain a minimal amount of methyl alcohol. This last process is carried out thanks to the demetilizer.

After two distillations, is it ready for sale?

No, since at that time, the alcohol content exceeded that allowed by the regulations. It is at that moment that it is sent to the dilution area. In this process, demineralized water is used to dilute the alcohol content of white or silver tequila. It will then undergo the triple filtration process and be ready for sale.

On what occasion to drink white silver tequila?

White or silver tequila is ideal for cocktails. However, as it has powerful notes, it is not advisable to take it alone, although it will depend on each person's palate in particular.

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