What does wood bring to reposado tequila? Why is it so important?

por Rafael Ramos Rafael Ramos | Dec 15, 2021 8:00:50 AM

dish on table with tequilas and ingredients sauza reposado and hornitos

Reposado tequila is a classification that indicates that the drink has undergone a maturation process of at least two months in oak or oak barrels. This process gives the tequila a very mild flavor, aroma, and pale color. It is a more elaborate variety than the young gold or the white silver.

Tequila matured in wood for at least two months obtains the tannins and the characteristics that wood can contribute to a drink of this type.

What are the contributions of wood to tequila? As a general rule, the wood tends to have a toasted interior part, which is the one that is in contact with the liquid at all times. This aging process helps the liquid soak in and get some woody notes.

The most common aromatic notes are some such as peppery, vanilla notes, and a touch of cloves. All this with a slight woody touch due to the tequila's time in the barrel.

The reposado tequila cannot be more than 11 months in the maturation process; since then, it would become a vintage tequila, another superior category. At Casa Sauza, the maturing process of reposado tequila takes between 4 and 8 months. These are the same months in which the product will obtain the benefits of the wood without exceeding the fresh notes of the product, which is a characteristic of Casa Sauza's reposado tequila.

In addition, the Casa Sauza barrels have a medium toast, that is, a very light toast that allows them to provide softer colors and not as intense as they do in other tequila houses. We use American oak for the barrels, which provides that medium toast.

What are the sensory notes and aromas of reposado tequila?

The vanilla, woody, and spicy notes are the most common in reposado tequila, especially in Casa Sauza's, thanks to the white oak wood. Likewise, you can find some notes of dried fruits due to the type of wood used for the barrels.

We also find light notes of dried fruits and a slightly smoky aroma due to the reposado tequila's maturation time passes in the white oak wooden barrels.
As for the color, we obtain the light gold color due to the ripening process. This color is beautiful to the eye and helps preserve the freshness that characterizes Casa Sauza tequila.


What can you pair with Tequila reposado?

We recommend pairing the tequila reposado with the main entrée, such as red meat. Having such fresh notes is the best option. However, it would not be compatible with vegetables or fish. Therefore, it is always better to choose the main dish to pair with this type of tequila.

Can it be taken in cocktails, or is it better to take it on its own?

Despite its maturation process, tequila reposado can fit to make cocktails. However, in this case, many people prefer to drink only the reposado tequila to enjoy its full flavor without anything else interfering, as is the case with cocktails that, being a mixture of drinks, change the entire prominent flavor.

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