What Does it Mean to Work in a GPTW Company?

por Laura Castañeda | Nov 12, 2021 1:49:55 PM

Great Place to Work 2017 Casa Sauza sello

Saying that someone works in a Great Place, depends on the perception of each of the members of a company, as well as on their beliefs, which may differ from one another. If we add to this the changes we are experiencing in our country, Mexico, (labor reforms, social and environmental responsibility) sometimes it seems difficult to coincide in these perceptions.

The commitment to put all our efforts on the well-being and on the development of our Human Resources, as well as to seek to work on their improvement year after year, is a priority in Sauza.

From the short time that I have been a part of this company, which has been awarded as a Great Place to Work (GPTW), working in the management of departments, I can now say that it is not an easy job: the different perceptions that exist, surprising with new initiatives, recognizing the qualities of each member and being interested in common welfare and health, require a real commitment and the investment of many resources.

Acknowledging the importance of each of our collaborators

  • Welcoming them

No one can argue that the little details make us feel really appreciated, which is why, from the first day that a new collaborator becomes a part of this company, we look for him/her to feel at home, giving him/her a warm welcome from all of us in Sauza.

  • Relaxing Area

We have a relaxation area to which all of our employees can access. In this area, they can simply rest in a comfortable site, listen to music or, if they prefer, play "futbolito" (table football) with their co-workers. All of this with the intention of spending time together, fostering fellowship and finding a place to relax for a few minutes before resuming work again.

  • Transparency Culture

Casa Sauza works day after day based on a culture of open doors, which generates an atmosphere of trust and transparency in all senses. This culture is one of the things that every company should implement, since it allows:

  1. Information fluency
  2. To be able to solve doubts at the same moment they arise
  3. To schedule a meeting in a much easier way, since we are all informed at the moment.

We achieve transparency thanks to the communication of all the members.

We All Matter

It's amazing how a few small details can change the whole picture. The priority is to create an environment in which every employee can feel comfortable.

Each of our employees are important at Casa Sauza, which is why we celebrate their special dates (such as birthdays), regardless of their "level" or the job that each one has, making them feel happy and appreciated by each and every one of their co-workers on their special day.

At a company level, values are promoted and recreational activities that are committed to health and the environment are carried out, activities which of all our employees can take part in and enjoy.

Our Priority

Our goal is to continue carrying out activities that strengthen: identity, commitment to health, environment and balance of life. The latter has a great weight for us, since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, another third working, and the last third, enjoying our personal life.

This is, therefore, a very complex topic from which we hope to achieve great results. What matters to Casa Sauza is to create a healthy work environment so our people work in the best possible way and thus, achieve great results.

If you want to know more about Casa Sauza and its GPTW program, we invite you to continue reading our blogs. You can also come to Casa Sauza yourself and learn in site about our way of working.


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