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Agave care in the tequila industryBehind an Agave Tequilana plant, there is more than a raw material to make Tequila; its physiology and the natural environment in which it grows makes it different from a cactus, a fruit tree, a vegetable, or a grass. It is simply a plant that has evolved thanks to the care of its people and, at the same time, maintains its purity, becoming that unique and admirable plant with which Sauza has found the way to make a Spirit Drink worthy of the most demanding palates—your Tequila. 
Agave micro propagation processSauza maintains:
A production environment with respect for the environment where the agrochemicals used are only those rigorously submitted to compliance with safety for people, the environment, and the Agave plant.
A quality production system with which the fields where the Agave is produced end up enriched and not impoverished, thus maintaining the patrimony that nature has inherited from humanity for centuries: its soil.
A long road through the years has made us understand the unique behavior that agave plants have to complete their requirements in sync with their agro-ecological environment. Throughout the agave cycle (5-7 years), we are all part of the same natural system: man, Agave, weeds, insects, organisms, and the environment. Hence, the goal is to build and sustain a climate-friendly Agave, where all of nature is inclusive: we all form and participate in this process.


technology at agave fields for tequila
  • A space where even the latest technology - micro propagated plants, drones, self-driving tractors, and planting machines - takes part to help in daily tasks and achieve efficient production management that performs the best development of our fields and our people.



Drones in the tequila process

That is why our Tequilas are impregnated with all that richness that the same land where the Agave is produced gives its aroma, from the effort of the people in caring for the environment where it grows. People who share their ingenuity daily to please the palates of those who consume it reflected in each sip, the human and innovative component of those who produce it, from its plantation to the process that goes through to become Tequila and finally like that. , arrive at the table of those who live together in the human warmth of unity and friendship.

Therefore, when you take a sip of this Great Spirit, savor it and think about all that history that gave rise to what you enjoy today in special moments with your family and friends.

If you want to know more about our tequila production processes, we invite you to visit Casa Sauza and learn more about us.

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