How can we Reduce The Resistance to Change and Innovation in the Personnel?

por Berenice Garcia Berenice Garcia | Dec 16, 2021 3:02:05 PM

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Resistance to change is something natural in all the people, however, change is fundamental in the innovation culture that we are experiencing in Casa Sauza. Find out how we have overcome this challenge in our company.

Facing a constant innovation in all Casa Sauza's processes, the resistance to change is something normal that our employees may feel, giving place to insecurities, fears, bigger needs, uncertainty, among other attitudes. On the other hand, change turns necessary for the proper development and growth process of the organization.

The resistance to change is an action that may appear as an obstacle for the operations because we can't ignore the changes that are being required and is imperative to adapt to them so the company can survive and compete with the others. The adaptation to external situations sometimes leads to resistances and tension.

What can we do when facing a constant change in the company?

I am able to observe in Casa Sauza, 3 fundamental aspects:

The first one consists in maintaining a good internal communication in the company that will allow us to explain our employees the different reasons and improvement demands that are related to the changes.

As part of the internal communication strategy, I consider that a punctual following of the teamwork's progress is a key point in this process, as well as the strategic projects such as TPM. That is why we have established a calendar where we track the progress and revise the whole structure of the organization, including the General Director.

This kind of practices helps us to see in a clear way the progress we have made in each one of the work pillars, teamwork, and within the strategies we have implemented. They establish commitment in all the participants and everyone can suggest new ideas that would enrich the project.

The second aspect is the establishment of individual goals, they have to be measurable and attainable inside our internal system, where every management follows them to achieve the established program inside their teamwork.

All the goals are connected to the strategy that the company determines for the current year going by and they are institutionally evaluated twice a year. By the end of each semester, each manager gives feedback to the team individually and action plans are established if necessary. With all these steps, the company looks forward to meeting the goals and expectations by the end of the year, communication is always open and appropriate.

The third aspect is of vital importance for Casa Sauza, and it is even a pillar within the TPM Methodology, that is the Personnel Development and Training. This aspect is fundamental to the application of strategies in the organization.

Casa Sauza is committed to its people develop and grow, because we know that the human factor is the most important resource in the organization. All the employees have an annual development plan, which is established along with each manager and according to its training and personal development. Additionally, we must add that the employees are allowed to ask for all the training they consider necessary to work more efficiently. Always looking forward to a simple and more effective way of completing their tasks within the internal processes.

I consider that putting all these aspects together, we are able to achieve success in the Business Strategies faster. The human factor is the key point in all the processes.

I invite you to keep reading my next articles and learn more about the TPM methodology as well as the Continuous Improvement Strategy.

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