Why Should a Company Implement the Great Place to Work Program?

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Casa Sauza Great Place to Work

As an expert in the Human Resources area of Casa Sauza, I can say that one of the most important challenges that we have faced is to obtain the Great Place to Work® recognition. We've had this certification since 2009 and to be recognized by the program was a great achievement but it also meant a lot of effort from all of us in the company. We had to discover and overcome challenges that we never imagined we would have to face.

Why become a Great Place to Work?

In such a globalized world, the level of competitiveness becomes ever more demanding. In order to see results, all of us in the company must make bigger efforts. The road that we decided to take in order to achieve our goals matters, we must never loose sight of the human factor and most always sensitize our paths in order to arrive to our goals.

The metrics results that companies carry out are usually cold and tangible. In this globalized context, there is always some pressure to "arrive" as quickly as possible, forcefully and even aggressively, in order to have profitability and thus, guarantee the permanence and growth of the company. However, this does not mean that we should neglect the ways in which we help, demand and implement the strategies to achieve it.

The risk of not focusing on people might bring serious consequences, such as talent drain, lack of leadership and thus, lack of competitiveness.

Casa Sauza and Beam Suntory always agree on looking after the human factor, since that's what makes all the difference. The Great Place to Work® program matches the strategy that our company wants and this institute helps us to find ways to keep our employees motivated and satisfied.

How to motivate collaborators?

Within the many aspects that we take care of in Casa Sauza, we also have this emotional salary. This concept has to do with the practice, actions or giftwork (for being a generous, unique and faithful to the content practice) that the managers and leaders carry out in order to keep employees motivated. We don't necessarily refer to tangible salaries, since the emotional salary has to do more with other kind of practices, such as flexibility at work or being able to enjoy of a "leave early" weekday. Emotional salary is made up of all those little details that make the difference between being a company's employee or being part of a big family at which, like in every family, everyone collaborates, has specific tasks to do, chases a goal and more importantly, all of its members are considered an important part of the whole structure.

The impact of having motivated employees

When implementing the program several metrics are defined in order to measure the progress made. Within these metrics, there is one that shows the impact of the motivation and commitment that our employees have towards the company, thanks to the application of these programs. This indicator is known as voluntary rotation, at which we have achieved a voluntary rotation of 0% at a union level and 3.5% at the administration level. These figures are well below the 14% that the 10 best companies to work in Mexico have. What this numbers show is that people like staying with us. They don't leave because they are committed to the company and all of this of course, helps our staff to feel happy and satisfied.

Some examples are:

  1. If an employee is going through a very particular situation, either himself, his wife or children, it is more important for Casa Sauza that he stays with his family during that time. This becomes possible of course, if he has the necessary tools and accessibility to work from home.
  2. We've had collaborators who just become mothers and for whom traveling from Guadalajara to Tequila meant taking at least two hours of their time. In this cases, we've had employees that have managed to work from home and just come to Tequila once a week to share their advances with their area manager.

It is by means of this practices that we have fostered commitment and loyalty in our people. Focusing on people always has its rewards, since it means counting with motivated employees who will do their job well and thus, increase the company's productivity. This also helps achieving the metrics that the company seeks to accomplish.

If you want to know more about how Casa Sauza implements the Great Place to Work program, don't miss my next article.

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