The impact of a good job with MONOZUKURI methodology

por CHRISTIAN JIMENEZ | Dec 27, 2021 9:47:41 PM

Entrada destileria - Casa Sauza

We talked begore about the work carried out in the extraction area of ​​Casa Sauza for the production of Tequila, as well as the tools that help us to maintain our quality controls and carry out our objectives
proposed both in the area and the generals of Casa Sauza. Now there is only see the impact our work has on the company.
The work done in my area is of the utmost importance. At least it's what we, those in charge of this area, always have in mind. It is because of that the responsibility and commitment obtained to do it in the best way It is of utmost importance because our work will impact the other processes.
With concrete work to always comply with the standards established by our direct boss and carry out this by implementing new projects and for achieve the proposed objectives.


The impact we cause is not only seen in our area or in other areas, if not that it is reflected in all Casa Sauza.

With training, initiatives to continue improving, performance well carried out and labor competitiveness has allowed Casa Sauza's work to be know and be taken into account to win various prizes and to obtain constant certifications.

Work and effort from day to day are valued and seen reflected in each one of the achievements that the company obtains such as the award for the best place of work (GREAT PLACE TO WORK) and one of the most important events that is carried out inside Casa Sauza called MONOZUKURI. In this they are reviewed improvement cases in each area that make up Casa Sauza and the best improvement case is awarded. In 2020 we were the winners as the best video of the improvement case and at the same time the performance and dedication of some of our co-workers are recognized.

All the staff and work team that work in the company as in our area of ​​work we are proud to be part of these achievements, but that is not all, there are still many more to come, and we remain committed to
reach them.

As you can see, there are many aspects that are taken into account within Casa Sauza, many projects and objectives to overcome and achieve. To remain one of the best companies in our tequila industry cannot rest. We will continue working to continue being what we are today: The Best Tequila Producers. Our Commitment does not end here, it continues.

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