Autonomous Maintenance: How to Apply Step n.3

por Fernando Aguirre Talamantes | Dec 23, 2021 3:45:12 PM

Autonomous maintenence step 3

“Ser autónomo es una persona que puede y sabe valerse por sí misma que toma sus propias decisiones con un enfoque siempre a la superación” Descubre cómo llevamos este concepto a los procesos de producción en Casa Sauza:

Cuando se empezó a implementar el TPM hace ya más de 7 años en Casa Sauza tuve la oportunidad de pertenecer a lo que fue el despliegue de autónomo en lo que lo llamaron línea piloto participe con mi equipo en ese tiempo era operador de etiquetadoras lleve el equipo a paso cuatro ahorita mi experiencia se ha incrementado conozco hasta paso 6 en la línea donde participo como líder este año empiezan varios equipos con el desarrollo de paso 7.

"You Learn a New Culture While Doing Your Job"

Autonomous Maintenance is used in companies in order to raise the level of knowledge of the operators, expending their knowledge to the technical area as well, due to the acquisition of skills on the different areas that exist in an equipment, such as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic -to mention a few.

autonomous maintenance at casa sauza

Autonomous Maintenance restores the equipment making its useful life last longer and preventing failures or possible breakdowns.

As we've explained on our previous Autonomous Maintenance article, there are 7 steps that need to be implemented, we are now talking about Step n.3. Before doing so, we will quickly review all the steps:

7 Steps of Autonomous Maintenance

  1. Initial cleaning
  2. Elimination of pollution sources and difficult access areas
  3. Realization of provisional cleaning, inspection, and greasing standards
  4. Improving the operator's technical skills
  5. Autonomous Inspection to the Equipment
  6. Procedures, standards, and work rules
  7. Autonomous Equipment Management

On this article we are describing step n.3, which is one of my favorites (without disregarding the others) since it is on this step that the real growth in skills and knowledge begins.

Autonomous Maintenance Step n.3: Objective

The objective of Step n.3 is to elaborate a tentative standard for the different parts of the equipment, one that would follow a logical sequence of the main aspects to:

  • Inspect
  • Clean
  • Lubricate
  • Tighten-up

The standard is elaborated with the information recovered on:

  • Maintenance routines
  • Mechanic operator's experience
  • Equipment's manual

How Long does it Take to Implement Autonomous Maintenance on Step 3?

Considering all the time of recollection of information that is needed, this step lasts from 4 to 6 months.

I hope you liked this information, I will soon write again to talk about the next step. Remember, "Being an autonomous person can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be"

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