Autonomous Maintenance in Administrative Processes

por Denise Miramontes | Dec 24, 2021 12:28:56 AM

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As we mentioned in the previous blog, we are currently working in the implementation of Autonomous Maintenance in all the Administrative Processes in Casa Sauza. This time, I would like to share with you how we have implemented the next stages that are: improvement and processes standardization.


In order for us to implement an improvement in the process, it is important to consider the results of the losses classification that we did in the previous phase and work through an analysis of them.

Losses analysis

We have 2 losses categories, which are:

  1. The ones that can be solved by the person in charge of the process
  2. The ones that require a third person's intervention

Once we have the losses classified in one of these 2 categories, we can start with the analysis. It is important to consider the following information regarding the next phase:

In the case of the losses, they can be solved by the employee in charge of the process, but first, he/she must analyze and identify the impact that leads to a modification, change, or elimination of the activity and/or format (among other things) within the process. It is important to look for better alternatives that assure the implementation of the improvement in order to meet the demands of the process.

The validation of these improvements help us to turn the improvements into beneficial aspects of the company, and it assures that every activity gets performed and meets all the requirements in the process.

Improvement Implementation

In this phase, we must work to achieve an implementation of the different improvements that were defined before, by performing a mapping of our processes, (already including the changes) that would allow us to see what is the final result with the improvement implementation, checking the impact before and after the process.

One important part to consider inside our process is that, if we have activities and linked formats to the official requirements, we can't change, modify, or eliminate an activity until it gets revised in the legal area in order for it to meet the official standards.


In this phase, we look forward to building the process standards to make its performance easier, and by doing so, to guarantee the quality we want through our policies and procedures that would allow the repetition of our administrative processes, confirming that anyone could know it and effectively do it.

Process Validation

It is recommended to revise the process standards, the goal is to analyze it and validate it, searching for a better performance of it on a daily basis.

Results of the Autonomous Maintenance in Administrative Processes

I can share with you the results we have obtained through the implementation of the analogy in the steps of autonomous maintenance, applying them to administrative processes in the restoration, improvement and standardization phases. I can confirm that it is possible to achieve a lot of benefits that support us in the tasks and activities performance, impacting our external en internal clients.


If you want to know more about the Tequila Production Processes in Casa Sauza, come visit us! We will be more than glad to show you the place around and we will share some of our success secrets with you.

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