Vertical Storage and Space Optimization

por Manuel Medina | Dec 28, 2021 8:02:13 PM

Vertical Storage in Casa Sauza

One of the main challenges that companies face nowadays is the scarce resources and spaces optimization. This is the case of the physical space in the plant facilities. Discover the solution we implemented at Casa Sauza to do more with less, and by doing so, assign new spaces to other functions.

Storage Challenge in Small Areas

The beginning of every project and its main goal, its to improve the actual state of things. By satisfying a priority demand for the business general well being, and our people's needs, we transformed a label storage space into a dining and recreation area for our employees. We took advantage of a space that was not really meeting the most elemental needs as a storage space, for being rectangular and with a reduced area for storing the labels.

dining area casa sauza

To recover our storage space where we had the labels, now that the original space was used for another purpose, we draw upon inventiveness, technology, and space optimization inside the Casa Sauza facilities.

In this article, I want to mention that the space optimization we have implemented in our company, it's a constant challenge we face every day, due to the growing needs of the different areas conforming Casa Sauza.

This time I will talk about bottling industrial tackle, and particularly, the storage area of our products.

Vertical Storage vs Horizontal Storage

Due to the demands of being able to store big amounts of label material for the different bottled tequila presentations in a smaller area, we started investigating and analyzing which were our best options avaliable.

For example; taking advantage of the best shelf systems in the market and discovering in modern technology the possibility of vertical storage; we believed this option would help us to save more than 50% of the required space, since a physical space of 45 m2 was considered, but before we could visualize this option, an expansion of twice the space was planned, almost 90 m2.

Vertical Storage Equipment

Once we decided to investigate more about this possible solution, we found a storage system called Modula, which basically is a vertical storage whose design has 20 m2 with a 14 to 15 m height, allowing a storage of 117 containers inside, with a dimension of 80 cm depth and 40 width, generating an area of 3.2 m2. This system allowed us to optimize our space in more than a 100%.

storage at casa sauza

The company has made a long-term investment only for buying some vertical shelves, because we realized that at the moment we bought the first one, it would definitely help us to solve part of our space needs. Later on, the second purchase was done, because we were able to envision short term and long term benefits in this area.

In summary, once the whole information was integrated by means of a decision making team, we concluded planning the best place to achieve the installment of these storages, and we accomplished building an area with a bigger storage capacity, which is really efficient, since it uses the newest technology to automatize the access, the delivery, and the return of the materials.

Storage Area Goals

The final system controls several of the principal goals in a storage space:

  • First incomings and first outgoings, creating a certainty of 99.99%
  • Inventory control using an electronic system
  • Downtime reduction in the labels delivery
  • Savings due to inefficient transfers
vertical storage casa sauza

This project as many others, has been accomplished thanks to the talent, compromise and dedication of all the people working in Casa Sauza. Our commitment staying at the forefront of progress in the tequila industry through training and continuous improvement, it's helping us to follow the path of becoming a worldwide company.

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