Learn everything you need to know to become an expert in the art of drinking tequila
Types of tequila

Categories of Tequila

Discover the categories and varieties of tequila, and find the best tequila for you. Get to know the difference between 100% pure agave and tequila, so that you can pick out the characteristics of white tequilas, young tequilas, reposados, aged (añejo) tequila and extra aged tequila.

Tequila tastings

Tequila Tastings

Everybody has a unique palate, which means that everybody prefers different kinds of tequila. There are techniques that allow you to discover what each tequila has to offer. We will show you how to find the tequila you like most––step by step.                                               

Tequila pairings and cocktails

Tequila Pairings and Cocktails

Each tequila offers distinct notes that, when combined with certain foods, produce textures and tastes that intensify and stimulate the palate. Discover how to pair tequila with different dishes, and learn some simple recipes to create delicious tequila cocktails.