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How to Prepare Tequila-Based Cocktails

 Tequila-based cocktails are becoming increasingly trendy in the most prestigious bars and restaurants in the world. Discover how you can prepare these drinks just as the best bartenders do. These drinks are prepared with our Hornitos Reposado Tequila, so they have the exact taste that these cocktails should have.

Drinking Tequila in Chile

    In the past few days, I had a most peculiar experience in terms of the education of our brand....

With how Many Tequilas do I Get Drunk? Responsible Intake

In my ten years of experience in the distilled beverage industry and five years of experience as an...

How to Prepare the Best Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

Tequila Sunrise is one of the most famous beverages to prepare with tequila. It's named like this...

5 Best Tequila-Based Cocktails to Prepare with Tequila Sauza

Tequila is a 100% Mexican distilled drink that is known worldwide. The most known and attractive...
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