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Quality in the Supply Chain of Casa Sauza

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Have you ever refused to buy a product because it had some minor defect on its package, on its overall look, even though you knew that the content was in perfect condition?

quality in tequila bottles

Although it might seem a little exaggerated to refuse buying a product just because it has a scratch, a bump or any other minor damage, believe it or not, this happens more often than we think it would, and even though most companies can not control what happens in the establishments where their products are sold, they do work hard so that they at least reach these establishments in the best possible conditions and with the quality that you want.

This article will give you more information about Tequila Sauza's Logistics Chain. We want you to be sure that, whenever you look for any of our products, none of them show any damage. We want to make sure you don't hesitate when taking it home, so you can enjoy a first-quality Tequila.

The quality of a product is based on what our senses can perceive from it. One of the main senses with which we perceive things is sight, which is probably why we usually say that "the first impression is never forgotten". Tequila Sauza makes quite an emphasis on caring for the products' overall look, not only during the production process but also throughout its Logistics Chain.


defects in the supply chain process(*tight top / dripping bottle / no legal information on the package / damaged label)


Where can defects happen within the Logistics Chain process?


logistics chain process at casa sauza

(*Factory/Transportation/Storage/Handling/Transportation/Crossing Borders/Supermarket/Client)


If we review each of the activities that are accomplished in order to get the products manufactured and sent, until they finally arrive to our clients, we will realize that defects can be generated at any time. Handling activities always mean risk of damage, which might happen due to an incredible amount of random circumstances or accidents.

This is why in Tequila Sauza's Supply Chain we not only aim for the goods to arrive in time and in the quantity requested at their destination, but also in the best conditions for their handling and consumption.

This is why we continuously hold meetings with the commercial area. We analyze the demand of our products and we also give a follow-up to each of the suggestions that we receive from our customers or distributors.

Casa Sauza supply chain

(*DNA Model in Supply Chain)(*Supply/Production/Storage/Transportation/International Trade/Sales Point)

Development of an Strategic Plan to Maintain Quality

Tequila Sauza is committed to complying with the different worldwide markets' regulations where its products are sold. Plus, not only it is aware of the demands of its customers but is always trying to exceed their expectations. For all of these reasons, it developed a well defined global strategic plan.


total productive management company

This plan encourages the continuous improvement of all the links, specially those of the supply chain. We constantly evaluate and work with the available resources that we have, and always receive the support and advice of by the rest of the company's areas. We are also constantly looking for new tools that would focus on the improvement and automation of the processes that support the growth, quality and image of our organization.


Quality at Casa Sauza


Casa Sauza Stretegic Plan

(*Strategic Plan


Client's demands/ Mission/ Vision)


Alliance with Suppliers

This strategic plan includes activities such as the development and alliance with our suppliers, based on an elimination of defects approach, from the productive process to the final delivery of our product. We achieve this by means of the analysis of both the appropriate supply of our raw materials as well as of our finished products.

We do all of the above in order to have the best raw materials according to our packaging processes, as well as to achieve a fluent and correct distribution of our tequilas worldwide.


Training and Support of all of the Company's Areas

We always count with the support of the rest of the company's areas to establish training and personal growth programs for our staff, in order for them to feel confident and free to act and make decisions within the different chain links.

This is not only for our associates to obtain the solid training, skills and abilities they need to have in order to increase their productivity within their area of competence, but also to help them supervise and achieve a quality in our products that would always meet the highest standards and needs of our clients.


Measuring Progress with Performance Indicators

In this strategy, it is not enough to make improvements based on the of the defects that we detect. This of course helps in the improvement of the quality of our products or services, but is not enough. We also keep a record of the solutions and actions that we carry out for this improvements, in order to study the results that they actually had.

A key factor in reassuring the quality of the activities that we've carried out, are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). They are derived from the planning and execution processes since they are the parameters with which the effectiveness of our actions and the satisfaction of our clients are measured.


Performance indicators Casa Sauza

In a more general sense, the search for quality requires of both the design of strategies based on accurate diagnosis, as well as of systematic actions directed to achieve it.

It also requires of permanent documentation on the development of the actions taken; of an adequate organization of the information that is being produced; and of accurate indicators of progress made.

It requires, in short, addressing problems in a planned manner. That is why Tequila Sauza has the Quality Department as one of its key cornerstone within its structure. They are always responsible of dictating which products will be delivered to our customers and which are the activities and standards to be met for your satisfaction. In conclusion, this is how Tequila Sauza is committed to work so that whenever you look for our products at your favorite store, you find them having the best quality possible, always exceeding your expectations.

Casa Sauza Tequila Bottles


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