Traditional Accessories that a Bride Must Always Wear

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We've heard people say that a bride must wear a specific set of accessories for good luck on her wedding day. Do you want to know what they're all about, what do they mean and which are these accessories? I'm happy to share this information with you as well as some tips that I hope you'll find useful.

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Traditional Accessories a Bride Must wear

Something new

You're supposed to wear something new as to represent the new life that you're both about to begin with your Marriage. Starting this new life together won't be easy, so you have to try to find a way to always be neutral and be willing to give in, so that you build a marriage full of harmony. There are many options of new things that you can wear, such as a very sexy lingerie, an accessory, and of course, the dress and all the outfit that you'll wear.

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Something Old

When you wear something old, you're representing the old life that each of you you'll be leaving behind in order to start a new life together. Which would be a good option to wear? It could be your earrings, your necklace, a bracelet. Some brides wear (as a tradition) the dress or veil of their mom, as long as it's still in good conditions. You can also fins specialists whose job is to use this old dress and make the proper adjustments so it looks a little more modern and slightly different.

Something Borrowed

What you borrow must come from someone that you love very much and who in turn, loves you very much as well. Always look for a cheerful, optimistic, realistic person. You want to wear something borrowed because it means that this person is sharing her life experience with you and wishes you the best in your marriage. It's supposed to be a good omen for you if it comes from someone who has an excellent relationship with her partner, since it's what she'll be passing on to you with what you're borrowing from her. This is why it would be great if it came from your mom or your best friend. What could it be? Just like with the something old, any accessory! Earrings, necklace, bracelets, the veil, the headdress or some other accessory that goes with the concept of your outfit.

Something Blue

It represents faithfulness, love and purity. If it's one of your favorite colors, you can wear it on many different objects. Depending on your personality, it can be very discreet or it can be very striking.

If you want it to show, you can wear a blue:

  • waistband
  • detail in your flower bouquet -like the ribbon or some of the flowers
  • headdress
  • or shoes even!

Basically, any accessory.

On the other hand, if you want to be more discreet because blue isn't your favorite color or just because you want to wear 100% white only, you can wear blue on:

  • A detail on your lingerie
  • A little bow on your garter
  • Just tie a ribbon of this color where it can't be seen
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The Accessory That You Can't Miss: The Love That You Have for Each Other

You must always keep in mind that if you decide to not wear any of these, it doesn't mean that you won't have good luck during your marriage. The only thing that will really help you have a great marriage is having great communication. Keep caring for the little details, avoid the routine, and most of all, the love you have for each other should always be present!

I'm sure you'll find the best of each accessories to wear on your wedding day.

I will soon bring more wedding tips for you. If you'd like to read mor wedding articles, click here.


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