Games For Your Bachelorette Party

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Getting Ready For The Party

A great idea for you party would be to have a register book or notebook made specially for this day, so those friends who attend to your party can write something in it for you; wishes or advice for your upcoming marriage.

Another option could be to send party invites that include a handout with an specific "recipe" format (so they are all the same). Your guests can bring a recipe for you along with their gift on the day of the party. You can later have all these recipes put together and make your own and original "cookbook".

I recommend you have a cute basket full of little presents for your guests to win at the party. Look for useful things such as:

  • Nail polish
  • Nail files
  • Hair bands
  • Chocolates

...whatever you want! But keep in mind they should be things they would actually use and not just throw away.

bachelorette party gifts

Now we are ready... Let the fun being!

Bridal Bingo

This is a game we all know and you can customize your bingo boards with a bachelorette/marriage topic. You can also find them online. There are usually two versions of this, the classic one and the sexy one. Choose you options according your guests.

bachelorette party

Guess Who Brought the Present

This is a classic game where you'll be able to see how much you know your guests by trying to figure out who brought which present. If you don't guess it right, you'll get a freckle drawn on you with an eyeliner... How many freckles will you have at the end?

Hot Cucumber

This is one of the games that's most fun to play! It's like the "hot potato" but instead of using a potato, your use a cucumber. You must place it between your legs and pass it on to the next player. If someone drops the cucumber, she looses and must leave the game.

Dress the Bride Up

One of the favorites! You only need to bring white toilet paper and scotch tape. You have to make teams of 4 or 5. Each team must make a dress (accessories and all) for one member of the team to "wear". When time's up, those who got dressed up should model the outfit as in a catwalk and you, the bride to be, will choose the most creative design. The one you like the most wins!

dress the bride

Alphabet Soup Game

You can find these in craft stores, on the internet, or stationeries. On the internet, you can find them ready to be printed. And just like this game, there are several other similar games (bingo, crossword puzzles, trivia, sort the letters and many more!) but, I recommend you don't organize too many games of this kind since it can get a little boring after a while. Try mixing them with more dynamic activities so your guests have fun.

print games for bachelorette party

Guess the Recipe

You will your give guests a pen and paper. They must write the ingredients of a recipe without writing which recipe it is. Afterwards, you must guess what dish you can prepare using those ingredients. If you guess it right, whoever wrote the ingredients wins!

Throw the ring to the Cucumber

You must place a cucumber standing in an upright position (cut the rim of the cucumber so the end is flat and you can make it stand on a board). Your guests should then start throwing and rings at the cucumber and whoever gets more rings on the cucumber, wins.

Guess the Kitchen Tool/Appliance

It's a charades game. There are two teams and a person of each team must get a paper with the name of a kitchen tool/appliance on it. This guest has to act it out so that her team guesses which tool/appliance it is. Write on the papers that you'll give out, things would be fun to watch someone act out, such as a blender, a potato peeler or a lighter.

Have fun at your bachelorette parties! They are a great opportunity for you to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends.

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