Casa Sauza fuses traditional processes with modernity and automation

por Victor Manuel Martínez Victor Manuel Martínez | Apr 5, 2023 8:00:00 AM

The traditional and modern process of Tequila at Casa Sauza

Today is a special day for everyone working at Casa Sauza. We are finally inaugurating our experimental factory called "Mi Alegría," where we intend to show the convergence of modernity with traditional processes.

Víctor Manuel Martínez Quezada Public Relations and Brand Education Manager, commented:

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Tour in Tequila with an innovative approach

Víctor Manuel Martínez Quezada Public Relations and Brand Education Manager at Casa SauzaSince 2008 I have been excited to be part of the history of Casa Sauza. Part of my work has been to deploy the tequila culture, responsible consumption, and the inherent Mexicanness of our national elixir. As part of this continuous diffusion, it has always been essential to express and describe processes in a concrete and tangible way. Pragmatic for your better understanding. Now with our new experimental factory, "Mi Alegría," we will be able to show the traditional process in a better way with a different tour. This tour is far from conventional, and we infiltrate people to make it a wholly sensory experience. This is where we take advantage of our processes to expose the versatility of the operations in the tequila industry.

At Casa Sauza, we have adapted the facilities to make the experiences more entertaining, from a garden with wide agave varieties to a factory tour with pairings and sensory tastings with modern processes and now traditional, up to the most modern bottling line of Tequila. In the end, you will be able to live one of the best Culinary experiences in one of the mansions with the most extensive history in the region, "La Quinta Sauza," built in 1836, guided by the hand of the genius executive chef Karla Castro in the restaurant "La Cueva de Cenobio."

Casa Sauza at the 150 anniversary

Casa Sauza is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary

At each stage of these almost 150 years, Casa Sauza has forged a clinical eye for each of the processes, from meticulous practices in the agricultural area to products that lead the markets worldwide. In Sauza, we have set goals that we must overcome every day, turning the processes of all of us who work here into good practices and continuous improvements. "Mi Alegría" promotes and shows the industry's evolution with the professionalization and modernization of old processes.

Tequila is the best Mexican ambassador

Tequila is an agent all Mexicans have taken and exported to the world. It is the most important ambassador of Mexico, and we want to elevate it; why not enjoy it with responsibility. Tequila has that heritage, romanticism, and Legacy, like whisky, wine, or cognac. Yet it has the versatility of rum and vodka. Tequila is unique in highly alcoholic beverages.

Which is the best tequila?


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