Sauza improves the artisan manufacturing process of Tequila

por Fernando Ávila Fernando Ávila | Feb 1, 2023 3:20:55 PM

Mi Alegría Distillery at Casa SauzaBy creating an artisan factory, we will explore new profiles, processes, and tequilas for our consumers. Discover more in this blog about what Fernando Ávila, Director of Manufacturing Development and Master Blender of Tequila Sauza, told us.

Fernando Avila at Casa Sauza's new distillery
Picture: Fernando Ávila at the inauguration event of the factory  Mi Alegría.

Tequila Distillery "Mi Alegría".

Mi Alegría is a new distillery producing a low volume with a scalable production in the future. Currently, we want it to be a personalized experience where visitors attend and choose their bottles after witnessing the entire experience.

It started with a concept in 2020, and we built it with internal ideas and designs. Everything there is the result of the work carried out by the Sauza team.

Fernand-Avila-en-la-inauguración-de-Mi-Alegria-de-SauzaPhoto: Fernando Ávila at the inauguration of the Mi Alegría factory.

The Art and Science in the manufacture of Tequila.

Tequila production is science, and it is art. Sauza's DNA foundation remains in this duality. With science, we achieve high-quality manufacturing and establish the conditions to care for our people, the environment, and the consistency of our processes.

With the art and passion of our experts, we achieve the best tequilas with smooth profiles that express the character of the agave.

The "Mi Alegría" project is a distillery that operates small volumes. Still, it is also a laboratory, a learning center, an example of operational excellence, and a place to show off and enjoy our Tequilas. 

Tequila production is science, and it is art.

Research and Development of Tequilas.

The research program that we will be developing in "Mi Alegría" focuses on elucidating the contribution of each part of the process in the formation of the chemical and sensory profile of the tequilas that we will be producing.

We will study the differential effect of the regionalization of the agave, relating it to the characteristics of each region from where the agave comes. Also, using several yeast strains will allow us to obtain sensory profiles with differentiated preponderant notes such as; herbal, fruity, and floral. Finally, controlled experiments will allow isolating the effects of the cooking conditions in the extraction of juices and the distillation in stills to give the profile to the Tequilas. 

In the end, the art of mixing will give us proposals for new Tequilas to surprise and delight new and loyal consumers in the Premium segment, particularly the Tres Generaciones © brand.

Casa Sauza's new distillery Mi Alegría

Changes in the traditional manufacturing process of Tequila.

We preserve the essence of the artisan process, the cooking of the agave pieces followed by the extraction of the cooked juice, but we have done it in an automated way taking care of our people and the environment. The operators do not take risks loading or exposing themselves to work accidents in the process, and they can focus on verifying the optimal operating conditions. Also, with the plant's design and its automation, the consumption of water, energy, and product contamination is reduced.

In the end, the business objective of the project is the repositioning of our brands and the growth of markets, especially the Tres Generaciones © brand.

We invite you to keep an eye on our content as we will continue to share experiences that may interest you.

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