Reasons to Carry Out Team Building Activities

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team building activities

This is a topic that brings opposing beliefs and feelings about it. Many institutions consider that they really don't work, while others they consider that they're part of the company's success.

What is Team Building?

Let's start by understanding what Team Building is. According to Wikipedia:

Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

team building at sauza

It is true that sometimes Team Building activities don't turn out to be very functional, which is why we recommend counting with the support of professionals. They can help us plan specific activities to meet our company's needs since all companies are different, just because their members are different.

activities for team building


Activities may include going out as a team to escape the routine. This helps participants hang out together without the work-related stress and interruptions. The idea is to build or strengthen fellowship that will result in working better as a team. Here are some ideas:

  • Ride/sightseeing
  • Recreational park
  • Pool party
  • Barbecue

Almost any activity in which they can hang out together works!

Now, this works well when the team members get along, work well together, and share the same goal. The activity's purpose it to strengthen the relationship they already have and improve it when possible.

Now here's where the opposing views come up: If a team has lots of differences or rivalries among its members, this kind of Team Building activity won't work. This is when we must look for an expert's advice. Experts can help us assess our specific circumstances and, based on their evaluation, suggest those of activities they think will work or maybe even create a special activity for our team. There are currently many companies that specialize in Team Building. They're always looking to continuously improve the work environment of companies and thus, companies themselves.

working as a team

Special Situations That Require Team Building

There are of course people who are very successful and extremely valuable for the company due to their activities and work contributions, however, they sometimes don't know how to get along with other people, creating a situation of stress and tension among team members. This is also a situation that requires an intervention in order to balance things. Team building activities in this situation will help the team we already have to continue working together, but doing it in-sync.

There are other times when there's an indifference between colleagues which builds a distance between them and thus, undermine team work. In this case, we must find ways to help them get together and value one another. We want them to understand that they're both part of the same machine which works with different gears; if one of the parts stops cooperating, the whole machine will break down and won't let anything else work well.

open spaces for team building

When we plan these kind activities outside the office and in open areas, we're helping people:

  • Clear their minds
  • Open themselves to new ideas
  • Take a break

By doing so, you'll prepare the ground for these activities to work.


Team Building at Sauza

team building at sauza

At Casa Sauza, we have all the facilities you need to carry out Team Building activities, both in open and semi-open areas. In addition, we work with several Team Building companies who can provide support on planning the activities your company needs with you, as well as design the perfect setting that will help your collaborators work as a real team.

We are waiting for you so you make a great impression on your guests, whatever the reason you may have for the meeting. We're experts in make your ideas become a reality!


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