Planting-Trees Program at Casa Sauza

por Cristina García | Jan 14, 2022 7:04:47 PM


planting-trees program
I've been working in Sauza for more than 15 years now and I can say that I am proud to belong to this company, specially when I am witness to all the programs that they have for the support of the employees, the community and the environment.

In this article, I will talk about the tree-planting program, which is one of the activities that Casa Sauza has developed in order to support the conservation of our planet.

planting trees casa sauza

Why is it important to plant trees?

They prevent soil erosion and provide a home for a variety of animals. They also play an important role in the production of the oxygen that we breathe and in the cleaning of carbon dioxide from the air.

Aside from this roles defined by science, trees also:

  • Are beautiful to watch and provide us with shade
  • Give us fruits, such as apples and oranges
  • Are a source of wood, which we use to build houses and to manufacture many other products. Wood is also a primary source of fuel for many people


In many parts of the world, the deforestation of trees for agricultural or urban purposes, has resulted in a variety of environmental damages. When a reforestation process (that is, the planting of new trees in the deforested areas) doesn't take place, the extinction of the species that lived in the trees may occur, as well as the increase of climate change, due to the rising of carbon dioxide levels and to the erosion of the soil, which leads to the aridity of the land.

Casa Sauza Facing Deforestation

reforestation casa sauza

As a part of Casa Sauza's mission, "to create harmony between people and nature" and vision, "growing for good", we are seriously committed to the caring of the environment. For this reason, every year in Casa Sauza we carry out several campaigns and movements for the conservation of the environment, specially in the areas of reforestation, water and recycling.

An interesting event that we carried out was the "Plant a Tree" campaign, at which the company contributed with the acquisition of around 125 trees. Before having the event, we sent a call for employees to participate in it, accompanied by their families. In this way, we fostered in them, especially in children, a culture and an awareness about the importance of the flora and fauna of our planet.

plant a tree program casa sauza

Some of these trees were planted in the Christmas Tree Forest in Mexico City. Our Marketing and Commercial teams worked together as a team in order to contribute to this cause by planting pine trees. When these pines reach maturity, they will be used as Christmas trees and in this way, people avoid buying them in markets of dubious reputation, at where they may not comply with the reforestation cycle. This plantation activity ended with an outdoor recreational activity.

environmental care casa sauza

The rest of the trees were planted in the Botanical Garden of Casa Sauza. At the beginning of the event, we held a talk in order to raise awareness about the importance of trees for our planet. We also shared statistical data on clandestine logging, among other worrisome data. Later, a workshop was held at which our employees and their families named their trees and engraved this name on a plate. The intention was to sensitize children about the fact that trees are living and sensitive beings. The kind of trees that were planted were golden rain and lapacho trees. This plantation concluded with an outdoors family picnic at where families enjoyed nature under the shade of a large tree.

This is a very important goal for Casa Sauza which we are very proud to fulfill. We are happy to cooperate in preserving our home, planet Earth, and in supporting our community, with these kinds of practices. I will soon share more experiences of this kind that will show how proud it makes me to be a part of this great company.

If you want to know more about Casa Sauza, come to our production pant. We'de be happy to chow you around!

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