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por Jessica Padilla Jessica Padilla | Feb 2, 2023 4:29:44 PM

Within the framework of the inauguration of the Mi Alegría distillery, we had the opportunity to speak with the leaders of Casa Sauza, who make innovation possible within the company. Get to know them:

Casa Sauza's Team at the Distillery Mi Alegría

 Israel Pérez

I am Israel Pérez, Integral Planning and Corporate Governance manager at Casa Sauza. I have been with this excellent company for four years. The functions we carry out in my area are the end-to-end planning of the supply chain, from the reception of the demand to the planning of the agave and the control.

We generate plans and budgets for the short, medium, and long term and verify compliance with these plans.
Belonging to Casa Sauza is a source of great pride. It is a beautiful company. We have an operational model of excellence that is the best in Mexico and the world.
We are:

  • Spearheads.
  • Leaders in the tequila industry.
  • Benchmarks for other sectors and even companies with a high level of development.

The facts demonstrate it with the visits we have where they come to learn about our operating system.

Distillery Mi Alegría

The "Mi Alegría" tequila factory is an excellent achievement for the Operations Department and the entire Casa Sauza team that has worked on this project. This new research and development plant will allow us to create new products and explore new profiles, incorporating technology (automation) in the traditional underpinned by our operational excellence.

In this plant, we demonstrate that the artisan is not in conflict with the modern. On the contrary, we have the expertise to mix them and generate value, something unique.

Dolores Pérez

My name is Dolores Perez. I have been working in this house for 15 years. It is a pleasure to work for Casa Sauza, and it is part of my life. I feel very proud to belong to such a great group of talented people.

I believe that all this success that the company has is the result of teamwork and the leadership of our director, Servando Calderón.

One of the challenges of my work is the costs because any business seeks the profitability of the brands and cares for the investors' return on their investment.

For Casa Sauza, it is also challenging to continue offering competitive products and brands, always giving an excellent product. This is because we always try to take care of both a quality and a profitable product.

Having carried out the "Mi Alegría" factory project is an excellent decision for the business because we have to continue innovating and developing new brands. In addition, we need part of this project to achieve the business vision of offering unique experiences.

Distillery Mi Alegría at Casa Sauza
We seek to compete, not in a different market, but to provide a differentiator in tequila, that is, to change the ways of doing things.

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