Independence Day - What to do September 15th & 16th in Guadalajara

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Casa Sauza September 15 and 16 Independence Day

If you live in, or are traveling to Guadalajara on the 15th and 16th of September, we have some recommendations on how and where to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. Viva Mexico! Come celebrate with us at Casa Sauza!

Celebrating Independence Day in Mexico

The anniversary of Mexico’s Independence of 1810 is officially on September 16, but the festivities begin in the evening on September 15th. This marks the beginning of the war in Mexico to free themselves from the Spanish monarchy that ruled for almost 300 years.

On this day, the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the church bell in the small town of Dolores, Guanajuato and gathered the community in the town square. In a historic movement, he asked the townsfolk to rise up in arms, thus beginning the rebellion against Spain.

In memory of the rebellion, the Independence Bell is rung every September 15th at 11:00 p.m. in all the states and municipalities of the country. When the bell rings, everyone in the government, from the president of Mexico to each local representative, wave the Mexican flag and shout "Long live the heroes who gave us our country", "Long live Mexico!" 

Many people call it the Cry of Dolores and it symbolizes the call to fight for freedom.

How to experience the celebrations

September 16, the official and most important holiday in Mexico. Everyone gets the day off to enjoy the holiday. There parties and celebrations that begin on September 15th, usually around 9:00 p.m.

If you truly want to experience Mexican Independence Day, you have to go to a traditional Mexican fiesta and feel the fervor and pride that Mexicans have for their freedom.

Here are our celebration suggestions, including a traditional party right here at Casa Sauza.

September 15th - Where to celebrate

One option you have is to head over to the public squares where the local government holds their celebration. You will typically find the party near the government offices in the local municipal palace. In Guadalajara, go to the Government Palace where the  esplanade is located. This is also known as Plaza de Armas.

Other options include going to visit the government palace in Tlaquepaque, the esplanade of Plaza de las Americas in the Basilica of Zapopan or to visit the Plaza de Cihuapilli in Tonalá.
These three places you will have independence celebrations accompanied by fireworks, traditional Mexican food, mariachi music and the traditional Mexican drink, tequila.

Keep in mind that thousands of people visit the public places to celebrate. They are often massive events and are very crowded. We recommend that you plan ahead and arrive early as streets are closed and detours are everywhere.

Go to Casa Sauza in Tequila, Jalisco

If you are in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara the best option is to visit nearby towns like Tequila, Jalisco. Tequila is a magical town where you will have one of the most enjoyable Independence Day experiences in the area. Tequila is also the national drink of Mexico and because of this, we suggest that you do not miss  this celebration. What better way to celebrate than in the place where tequila is made?

At Casa Sauza we celebrate Independence Day with a traditional Mexican party at our hacienda "Quinta Sauza". This location brings you back to colonial Mexico and the traditions of that time. The hacienda is also among the oldest haciendas and houses of Mexico.

The party begins at 9:00 p.m. We offer our visitors mariachi music, delicious Mexican dishes and of course Sauza tequila tastings.

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